Help Wookalily launch their debut album

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Local American folk band Wookalily are working on their debut album and they are hoping local people will be able to help them raise the money they need to complete the project.

“We have embarked on an exciting project to record our debut album, twelve songs in total, with past and present members of the band,” explained band member Adele.

“Years of playing, writing, laughing and performing all coming together to create an unique and eclectic album.

“We have funded the project ourselves this far but we’ve hit a block in the road. These things are expensive. So we’ve launched a ‘kickstarter’ campaign to help raise money. Our fans will pledge money and that money will be used for mixing, mastering, duplicating, distributing and marketing our songs.

“We have twelve musicians in total including guest vocalists all with a different tones and qualities. We are from different musical backgrounds and walks of life but have joined forces to make a transatlantic, Americana vibe with lots of off-beat quirky zaniness.

“It’s a celebration of the life and times of Wookalily.”

The band will be recording the album in Millbank Studios in Lisburn and the much sought after and talented sound engineer Michael Mormecha.

To make a pledge log onto and search for Wookalily.