Bronte welcomes Canadian folk trio

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The Brontë Music Club is playing host to Canadian folk trio The Once on Saturday, March 29.

In the summer of 2004, Geraldine Hollett, Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale found themselves at a summer repertory theatre company in the tiny, centuries old fishing community of Trinity, Newfoundland.

Charged with the task of providing little more than an evening’s worth of music and song for tourists and countrymen, the three wove their voices and instruments together, to create what is now the critically acclaimed folk trio known as The Once.

From their beginnings as three actors who also loved to sing together, The Once has embraced a different vision of Newfoundland music. Their sounds do not come from the noisy pubs and dockside taverns that fuel so much of the Island’s energy. Instead, their music comes from a quieter and more thoughtful place.

Hope and tragedy are intertwined in their music, whether they are singing an old lament from World War 1, original songs that speak of love defeated, or tasteful songs from the artists whose music inspires them.

The band has kept it uncomplicated, depending on the power of their voices and acoustic instruments. Lead singer Geraldine has an instrument of rare power; she is a singer who, can still a noisy room, so expressive she can tell a novel-length story with a few words.

Accompanied by Phil and Andrew on guitar, mandolin, fiddle and bouzouki, they create a perfect blend of voice and melody - sometimes melancholy, sometimes funny, always poignant, The Once sound like nothing else that has ever come from Newfoundland. They have quickly become the pride of Newfoundland and Labrador’s folk music scene.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their unique live show at the Bronte Centre, Church Hill Road, Rathfriland. Tickets priced at £15.00 can be purchased in advance by contacting Banbridge Tourist Information Centre on 028 4062 3322. Doors open at 8.30pm and the show starts at 9.00pm.