Skeogh Flute Band says thanks

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Skeogh Flute band thanks all those who contributed to its recent parade in Dromore, in which 48 visiting bands took part.

A spokesperson said: “This support from our fellow bandsmen and women is greatly appreciated by the officers and members of Skeogh Flute Band; we will endeavour to do our best to return that support.

“The band would like to thank all of those who gave towards band funds on the night; we are pleased to announce we lifted a grand total of £1,038.84. Once again, thank-you to one and all for supporting us so well on what was a very successful night.

“The band would like to thank the ABC Council technical department for their help and the use of the Dromore Rooms in the old Town Hall; also the PSNI for the excellent way in which they allowed the parade to flow smoothly through town.”