Zone Championships finals night held as season draws to a close

THE 2013 West Down Zone championships ended with a very successful finals night in Gilford Community Centre.

On a night of high class bowling the all conquering All Saints club from Tullylish dominated proceedings, their players winning all four main championships, and claiming the runners-up spot in two of them.

The awards were handed over by Stewart McFadden who took particular pleasure in handing over the McFadden Rose Bowl donated by the his family in memory of the late Councillor Wilfred McFadden. This competion was won by Seamus Murphy and his daughter Paula Linden of St. Joseph’s Poyntzpass.

Zone Convenor Harold Massey thanked all of those who helped with the running of the championships,especially the umpires who willingly gave of their time each night.

Results: Singles - H.Hylands (A.S.Tullylish) 9-5 G.Clingham (Holm Park); Pairs - R.Martin/J.Gray (A.S.Tullylish) 9-10 D.Graham/S.Black (A.S.Tullylish); Triples - A.Leckey (A.S.Tullylish) 9-7 J.Martin (Magherally); Fours - J.Wilson (A.S.Tullylish) 8-3 J.Gray (A.S.Tullylish); Mixed Pairs - S.Murphy/P.Linden (St.Joseph’s) 8-3 D.J.Willson/J.Black (A.S.Tullylish); Friendship Cup Ladies - P.Hayes (St.Patrick’s) 10-5 M.Gamble (Holm Park); Friendship Cup men S.Scott (Garvaghy) 6-7 T.Smith (Holm Park).

Congratulations to A.Polin, B.Conlon and A.Magee (St.John’s Gilford) who have reached the final of the National Triples which will be held in Richhill on Saturday April 6.

At Shaws Bridge on Saturday they battled their way through four rounds to reach the final.

The final league games were played this week. Ballydougan won division two beating nearest rivals Pavilion

Ballydougan 43-29 Pavilion

Rink 1: E.Wilson, R.Henderson, M.Leckey, Robt.Cassells 11-8 G.McAleenan, F.Dolan, K.Kennedy, C.Wilson.

Rink 2: G.Wilson, N.Johnston, M.Cassells, Rach.Cassells 15-8 J.Donnelly, T.McDowell, D.Moles, J.Major.

Rink 3: S.Whyte, H.Massey, T.Devlin, C.Fearon 8-4 D.Preston, J.McCullough, J.Hamilton, K.Stewart.

Rink 4: C.Halliday, R.Bingham, C.Law, R.McCullough 9-9 D.Thomson, G.Anderson, V.Newall, P.McClatchey.

St.Colman’s finished the season strongly with a win against Scarva Street.

St.Colman’s 39-32 Scarva.St

Rink 1: C.Wilson, B.Moore, L.McAvoy, G.Crothers 4-13 F.Hillen, M.Ewart, K.Stevenson, D.Watt.

Rink 2: E.Byrne, D.Funnell, C.Wilson, P.Convery 19-4 S.Livingston, M.Campbell, H.Shannon, B.Livingston.

Rink 3: F.O’Dowd, H.Funes, H.Convery, B.Wilson 9-5 E.Dickson, M.Nelson, N.Craig, J.Dickson.

Rink 4: C.Owens, J.Owens, M.Milar, T.McCartan 7-10 E.Gibson, A.Stevenson, D.Nelson, W.Kinnin.

Annaclone just got the bonus points against Down Shoes.

Annaclone 36-35 Down Shoes

Rink 1: B.Mullholland, M.O’Neill, P.McKernan, J.Higgins 7-8 J.Bunting, P.Henderson,M.Ward, M.Bunting.

Rink 2: A.McAvoy, A.Pyres, P.Pyres, M.Wallace 16-6 B.Tumilty, K.Tumilty, J.McVeigh, M.Campbell.

Rink 3: V.Mullholland, P.McAvoy, M.McAvoy, J.McConville 10-6 S.McFadden, D.Reid, K.Sands, Mark.Campbell.

Rink 4: J.McNeill, M.Haughey, D.McArdle, N.Kerr 3-15 B.McCoy, J.O’Hare, S.Lively, K.McCoy.