Wins for Dunbarton sides

THE Dunbarton A team made it two hard fought wins out of two on Saturday when they came through a titanic tussle with old rivals Belmont in Gilford.

Boosted by last week’s excellent maximum point win at Ulster Transport, the locals dug in to fight off a determined Belmont side and gain a much deserved five points.

Despite leading from start to finish, the game was always close and the hosts held their nerve in the run in. Indeed only for a very unfortunate rub for the visiting skip on rink one on the last end, and the Gilford side could and probably should have lifted six points.

Rink 1: D Copeland, P Convery, T Bell, DJ Wilson down 20-22 - This was an entertaining game that swung to and fro throughtout and it was no surprise that it was decided on the last end. The loss of a five on the second end saw the locals trail early on but four successive winning ends from ends 4-7 left the game level. By end 11, the homesters had moved in front 13-9, only for two successive trebles to be conceded and it was the Belmont rink that were ahead. After the penultimate end, the scores were locked at 20-20 and only a cruel piece of luck saw the locals lose their point. The front end of Davy Copeland and Pete Convery built a fine head and with only three bowls remaining, Dunbarton lay three shots. However, a drive by the opposition skip, flicked off a wide bowl onto the jack and both bowl and jack rested in the ditch. Skip Dj did draw second shot but was unable to draw shot and his rival skip then rubbed salt in the wounds by drawing a second. An unfair way to decide a game that had been closely fought throughout.

Rink 2: E McElroy, C Mulholland, S Adamson, A Hughes down 20-25 - Andy’s rink fell behind early on when they conceded a count of five on the fourth end but managed to respond immediately with a superb count of six on the following end! A further treble on the next end and a four on end 9 and the hosts had built up a 17-8 advantage. The next five ends however proved pivotal as the East Belfast men bounced back with a run of 2,4,1,3,1 and into a 17-19 lead. Six singles were shared over the next six ends leaving the hosts two shots behind going into the last end. Try as they could, Andy’s men were unable to score and ended up conceding a treble for a disappointing five shot defeat.

Rink 3: S Trainor, G Moore, G McElroy, C McCartan up 19-13 - This was the closest game of the day with never any more than three shots scored on one end. Belmont started the brighter, leading 1-4 after four but successive trebles on ends 11 and 12 saw the hosts move into a five shot advantage which from then on they never looked like losing. One final treble on end 18 and the hosts had eased to a comfortable six shot success. A fine performance by Conor’s men in particular lead Sean Trainor who impressed up against arguably Ireland’s finest lead, Mark McPeake.

Rink 4: M Higgins, J Magennis, M Merritt, M Greenfield up 21-16 - This rink gave the team an excellent foundation, which resulted in the team leading from start to finish. Opening scores of 2,1,2,1,5,1 rocketed Myles’ four into a 12-0 advantage and gave their team mates a huge boost. It was no surprise, however that their opposition bounced back and by end fifteen, the lead had been narrowed down to three shots. Myles’ men yet again showed their resilience and reeled off four ends in successsion, with scores of 1,1,1,3 to effectively seal their point. The loss of a single and treble on the last two ends failed to take any gloss off a marvellous performance. Second John Magennis was in terrific form.

A superb victory and sets the locals up well for yet another tough encounter next, away to last year’s third placed team Old Bleach.

THE Dunbarton B team followed the footsteps of their senior team with a fine win away to Belmont to make it twelve points from their first two games.

In truth the game was never in doubt as the locals started like a house on fire and never looked back.

The rinks skipped by Robert Gough and Clifford Dennison roared into early double figure leads and cruised to victory. By the close a handsome 40 shot win was achieved, the only slight disappointment was that James Kelly’s rink were narrowly defeated and therefore unable to lift maximum points.

Rink 1: J Gray, F Doyle, M Adamson, R Gough up 28-11 - Robbie and his front three got off to a flyer and never looked back. An early lead of 11-1 put them in pole position and this advantage was maintained throughout. Over the final few ends, the locals put their foot on the accelerator and cruised to an impressive 17 shot victory.

Rink 2: K Kelly, D Dennison, N Wilson, J Kelly down 13-15 - James’ rink were involved in an enthralling battle as neither side gave an inch throughout the twenty one ends. After the first third, the scores were locked at 4-4 and by the two thirds mark, just one shot separated the sides, 7-8 with fifteen shots scored over fourteen ends! The remaining ends saw almost the same number of shots scored in the final third as was scored over the first two thirds, but unfortunately for the away rink, they did not score the lions’ share. The locals lost out by just two shots.

Rink 3: A Magennis, R McElroy, M McInerney, C Dennison up 37-16 - This was a very one sided game throughout as Clifford’s quartet roared into an early 14-4 lead and never looked back. Continually putting their opponents under the pressure, the visitors, chalked up shot after shot and by the close had romped to a 21 shot victory.

Rink 4: G Magennis, N Cunningham, T Gray, F Larkin up 24-20 - Fergie’s foursome had a tough battle with their Belmont counterparts and held their nerve to scrape an important victory. There was nothing to separate the sides after seven ends, 5-5 and by the two thirds mark, just one shot was the difference in favour of the hosts, 12-13. Over the run in however, the Dunbarton rink moved up the gears and finished with a four shot success.

An excellent victory for the Dunbarton Juniors and a great start to the season. This Saturday the locals host Old Bleach which should prove to be another tough test.