Wins for Dromore seniors, defeat for juniors

IN their home game against Whitehead B team Dromore seniors had to thank the rink skipped by D Shanks to record a victory of four shots and six points.

Rink 1: W Paylor, H Hylands, W Clinghan, D Shanks.

Rink 2: D Graham, J Elliott, K Aiken, J McKenny.

Rink 3: A Matthews, G Ervine, D Burns, SG Malcomson.

Rink 4: G Dawson, Andrew Johnston, F Cranney, G Clinghan.

In the first quarter the seniors were put under pressure from the visitors and were in arrears of seven. Shanks was down five, McKenny was four in the red, Clinghan’s arrears were three with SG the only Dromore rink ahead by five.

The seniors put up a better performance in the next quarter to show a lead of six. Shanks had cut his deficit to three, a big quarter for McKenny put him three in the black, SG was moving along nicely at three ahead and Clinghan, in a close struggle, was trailing by one.

The seniors still had the upper hand at three quarter stage mark with a lead of 12. Shanks was still behind by a single, was McKenny three ahead, SG had a lead of 11 with Clinghan still one down.

In the final six ends the seniors had to fight all the way to record their victory again. President Shanks and his rink scored well in the run in to finish with a five shot win a big disappointment for McKenny to lose by five. SG was also disappointing to only finish at three ahead and Clinghan got over the line for a one shot victory.

- In their league game at home to Castle Dromore seniors had to thank the rink skipped by SG Malcomson - and a great take out of two bowls by G Clinghan - to take the shot and keep their unbeaten home record.

Rink 1: A Matthews, G Ervine, D McCandless, SG Malcomson.

Rink 2: G Dawson, Andrew Johnston, F Cranney, G Clinghan.

Rink 3: D Graham, J Elliott, K Aiken, J McKenny.

Rink 4: W Paylor, H Hylands, W Clinghan, D Shanks.

The visitors got the green very quickly and were only six in arrears at the five end mark .SG had a dream start to lead by 12 but Clinghan was on the wrong end, being eight down. McKenny was four ahead and Shanks was trailing by two.

At the halfway stage SG had a big lead of 16. Clinghan was finding the going tough, being down by 11, was McKenny down by two and Shanks was two behind.

There was nothing in the game at the three quarter stage with the visitors ahead by two. SG had an advantage of 19, was Clinghan in the red by 14, McKenny was in front by two with Shanks down by nine.

In a nailbiting last six ends the locals got their noses in front to win by two and take four points. SG had a big win of 24, Clinghan had a big shot in the final end to score one and help the cause but still finished in the red by 13, McKenny was behind by one, and there was no recovery this week for Shanks who finished eight down.

On Saturday the seniors are involved in a top of the table meeting with Donaghadee while the juniors are away to Holywood.

- There was another defeat for Dromore juniors away to 1st Ballymacarrett in the league, losing by five shots and taking two points.

Rink 1: T Ogle, R Elliott, A Clinghan, T Wilson.

Rink 2: E Walker, S Harrison, G McDowell, T Sudlow.

Rink 3: J McCullough, S Dugan, T Gribben, S Malcomson.

Rink 4: J Black, R Bolton, A Sudlow, I Houston.

On a very heavy green the juniors were in deep trouble from the start and were 13 shots in arrears at five ends. Wilson was the only rink to catch the green and was five ahead, Sudlow and Malcomson were both trailing by four and Houston had conceded 10.

In the next five ends the juniors had improved to be in arrears of six. Wilson had an advantage of seven, Sudlow was now down by nine, Malcomson was three behind while Houston had made a big comeback to be a single down.

The juniors were still in with a shout at three quarters stage at seven in arrears. Wilson was now at nine ahead, Sudlow was 10 in the red while Malcomson and Houston both three behind.

In the final six ends the juniors could not make the breakthrough. Wilson a good win of eight, Sudlow was in the red by nine, Malcomson was five down and Houston did well to be one ahead at the finish