Windsor Bakery Indoor Bowling

Down Shoes cup week this week and Annaclone caused the biggest shock defeating St.Patrick’s by seventeen shots

Annaclone ________47

St.Patrick’s _______30 Rink:1 H.McAvoy,A.Pyres,C.McAvoy,N.Kerr 11 v J.Donaldson,J.Topping,W.McCullough,G.Gilliland 5. Rink:2 D.McArdle, P.J. McClorey, P.Pyres,M.Wallace 11 v L.Kennedy,P.Hayes,I.Cousins,T.Martin 8. Rink:3 J.McNeill,M Haughey, M.McAvoy,J.McConville 11 v R.Johnston,J.Daly,B.Serplus,A.Johnston 8. Rink:4 B.Mullholland, M.O’Neill,P.McKernan,J.Higgins 14 v J.Pedan,A.Gilliland,D.Gilliland,D.Carson 9 St.John’s made it through to the next round

Ballydougan_ _______34

St.John’s_ __ _________46 Rink:1 E.Wilson,M.Leckey,T.Devlin,D.Malcolmson, 7 v D.Johnston,B.Conlon,S.byrne,N.Garvey 15. Rink:2 S.Whyte,N.Johnston,B.Boness,R.McCullough 10 v C.Gray,P.Gray,N.Hamilton,A.Polin 8. Rink:3 C.Halliday,G.Forsythe,R.Bingham,R.kennedy 4 v N.Conlon,C.McCourt,F.Polin,D.breen 15. Rink:4 G.Wilson,H.Massey,N.Whyte,C.Fearon 13 v A.Magee,D.Breen,E.O’Neill.A.Magee 8.

St.Joseph’s found the going tough against All.Saint’s. Rink:1 K.Magennis,R.Sterritt,Ron.Magennis, C.Dillon 6 v M.McAdam,T.Gray,J.Gray,A.Leckey 9. Rink:2 C.Savage,O.Magennis,P.Linden,S.Murphy 2 v J.Black,H.Hylands,S.Black,D.Bowman 12. Rink:3 J.Morris,P.Rooney,H.Dillon,L.Magennis 5 v R.Bolton,L.McCracken,D. Graham, E. Campbell 9. Rink:4 B.McVeigh,Rog.Magennis,C.Rooney,B.Murphy 5 v N.McCauley,A.Cannaway,D.J.Wilson,J.Wilson 12 Dromore N.S made it through to the next round

Dromore N.S________44

2nd Dromara _______33 Rink:1 R.Gupta,L.Giles,L.Gribben,E.Marsden 8 v Ina,David,Barbara,Sam 11. Rink:2 J.Malcolmson,R Giles, D.Pedan,M.Beattie 8 v Norma,Ida,Martin,Steve 5. Rink:3 R.Harrison,J.Hughes,M.Ward,J.McInnes13 v Tilly,Billy,Rod,Ian 9. Rink:4 W.Beattie,N.Lindsay,R.McCandless,T.Gribben 15 v Esme, Maureen,Rodney,Raymond 8 Scarva St had another close game with Magherally

Scarva.St_ _____ ____39

Magherally___ _____35 Rink:1 M.Nelson,E.Dickson,N.Craig,J.Dickson 10 v M.Adair,E.Robb,K.Smith,L.Martin 7. Rink:2 M.McCarrison,M.Campbell,D.Nelson,W.Kinnin 17 v G.Beggs,A.Ingram,K.McBride,I.McBride 5. Rink:3 M.Ewart,A.Stevenson,K.Stevenson,D.Watt 7 v A.Anderson,W.Steenson,H.Steenson,D.McAiley 13. Rink:4 F.Hillen,S.Livingston,H.Shannon,B.Livingston 5 v N.Craig,H.Martin,P.Martin,J.Martin 10 Ladies Zone team to play Mid Ulster at Loughbrickland Presbyterian Church Hall on Saturday 30th November at 2.00 p.m. All Players report to Zone Convenor at 1.30 p.m Any player or reserve unable to attend must notify Zone Convenor immediately. A.Magee,A.Polin,N.Kinnin,B.Conlon (St.John’s) S.Smith,C.Ogle,M.Dawson,L.Aiken (Holm Park) A.Stevenson,D.Nelson,E.Dickson (Scarva.St) M.Adair,L.Martin,A.Anderson,P.Martin,H.Steenson,E.Robb (Magherally) P.Linden (St.Joseph’s) A.Burrell,V.Leckey,A.Cannaway,J.Black (A.S.Tullylish) L.Purnell (St.Patrick’s) S.Dunn (Gilford R.B.L). Res: E.Steele(Magherally) P.Hayes,I.Dickson (St.Patrick’s) O.McKnight (St.Michels) West Down men played North West on Saturday and were well beaten. They now go into the shield competion where they play Cork.

Skips names only

A.Johnston 12 v J.Kennedy 12

J.Martin 7 v B.Rankin 18

C.Dillon 9 v R.Service 9

L.Murray 4 v L.Harrision 10

J.Wilson 9 v K.McCullough 10

E.Campbell 6 v R.O’Neill 10