Wilson’s way ahead of the rest in Banbridge CC’s 25 mile TT

Kevin Wilson came in over two minutes ahead of the field at Banbridge CC’s 25 mile time trial, which was held on the Castlewellan Road out of Banbridge last week.

Amongst the fifteen riders who took part, two were guests from TVR (Rodney Stewart and David McKnight). Riders were blessed with good weather and light winds making for some good times on the night.

BCC Results

1. 1h 02m 16s Kevin Wilson

2. 1h 04m 25s Phil Beattie

3. 1h 04m 32s Dan Purdey

4. 1h 04m 50s Adrian Finnegan

5. 1h 05m 43s Ewan Anderson

6. 1h 06m 48s David Lavery

7. 1h 06m 49s Chris Burns

8. 1h 06m 57s Ian Cochrane

9. 1h 07m 15s Joe Penny

10. 1h 08m 55s Nathan Sturrock

11. 1h 15m 59s James Gillespie

12. 1h 16m 18s Jonathan Buller

13. 1h 19m 13s Paul Anderson

In addition the 25 miler, a 10 mile TT also took place with the four competitors coming in as follows:

1. 25m 26s Cameron McIntyre

2. 26m 15s John Buller

3. 29m 45s Charlie Glover

4. 31m 26s Mark Buller