West Down hold on to beat Northern

THE meeting of West Down and 2011 champions Northern at Dromore Cathedral was certainly a game of two halves.

The home team rinks got away to a great start and by the end of the first run of the mats West Down lead by 20 shots. At this stage Northern were staring down the barrell of a gun but to their credit,they came out fighting and scored on all three mats on the first end of the second half.

A somewhat lethargic home team managed to maintain a double figure lead until the eighth end when Northern scored two counts of four to reduce the margin to three shots.

However West down held their nerve in a tense finish to win by three shots.

Rink scores only: Allan Johnston 15-10 Jonny Calvin; Liam Murray 12-3 Brian McAlary; Gary Chambers 12-6 Nigel Gamble; Eddie Campbell 3-16 Ian Ross; Jonny Wilson 9-10 Edwin Irwin; DJ Wilson 6-9 Willie McCaw.

League matches resumed this week and their were no surprises. St.Patrick’s won comfortably against Ballyvarley - St.Patrick’s 61-22 Ballyvarley

Rink 1: R.Faulkner, L.Purnell, I.Cousins, T.Martin 18-6 L.Byrne, J.Lennon, J.McAvoy, S.Byrne

Rink 2: L.Walker, P.Hayes, D.Gilliland, G.Gilliland 20-1 B.Donald, D.Lennon, A.Donald, K.O’Neill

Rink 3: R.McCleary, J.Topping, K.Purnell, D.Carson 7-7 M.Lennon, V.Stewart, P.J.Johnston, M.McGrath

Rink 4: Dor.Carson, B.Serplus, W.McCullough, A.R.Johnston 16-8 R.McGivern, M.Burns, G.McGarry, S.McGivern.

Down Shoes had Ballydougan as visitors - Down Shoes 25-40 Ballydougan

Rink 1: J.Bunting, E.Neill, S.Lively, M.Bunting 5-6 G.Wilson, M.Leckey, M.Milligan, C.Fearon.

Rink 2: A.Murphy, D.Johnston, M.Ward, Marg.Campbell 8-12 S.Smyth, N.Johnston, H.Smyth, B.Boness.

Rink 3: B.Tumilty, S.McFadden, K.Tumilty, D.Tumilty 5-10 I.Henderson, R.Bingham, T.Devlin, P.Mallon.

Rink 4: S.Devlin, D.Rea, P.Henderson, M.Campbell 7-12 M.Milligan, H.Massey, S.Whyte, N.Whyte

Home Park dropped a point at Gilford - Gilford R.B.L 27-48 Holm Park

Rink 1: P.Moore, S.O’Hare, C.Broome, B.Strain 8-14 G.McDowell, S.Malcolmson, A.Copeland, SG Malcolmson

Rink 2: J.Broome, B.Wisener, G.McCoo, A.Magennis 4-9 A.McGarrity, M.Dawson, M.Gamble, G.Dawson

Rink 3: E.McClean, A.Wisener, E.McCoo, S.Dunn 11-8 A.Sudlow, T.Sudlow, T.Wilson, J.McKenny

Rink 4: M.Quail, A.McBurney, L.McBurney, T.Adamson 4-17 C.Ogle, L.Aiken, D.McCandless, C.Sherwin

Annaclone got two good points at St.Joseph’s - St.Joseph’s 38-30 Annaclone

Rink 1: J.Magennis, F.Watters, C.Rooney, C.Dillon 19-3 B.Mullholland, M.O’Neill, P.McKernan, J.Higgins

Rink 2: R.Sterritt, Rog Magennis, H.Dillon, L.Magennis 6-10 H.McAvoy, V.Mullholland, M.McAvoy, J.McConville

Rink 3: J.Morris, P.Rooney, Ron Magennis, B.Murphy 7-6 A.McAvoy, D.McArdle, T.McGivern, N.Kerr

Rink 4: A.O’Loughlin, C.Savage, P.Linden, S.Murphy 6-11 J.McNeill, A.Pyres, P.Pyres, M.Wallace

Magherally took the bonus points against St.Colman’s - Magherally 38-32 St.Colman’s

Rink:1 N.Craig,H.Martin,H.Steenson,D.McAuley 12-7 F.O’Dowd,E.Byrne,L.McAvoy,N.Quinn

Rink:2 M.Adair,E.Robb,K.Smith,L.Martin 12-5 Ann Magee,T.McCartan,A.Magee,G.Chambers

Rink:3 I.Montgomery,P.Martin,S.Scott,J.Martin 4-9 B.Wilson,M.Millar,P.Tumilty,P.Convery

Rink:4 G.Beggs,W.Steenson,A.Ingram,S.McBride 10-11 C.Owens,J.Owens,M.Wilson,P.Moore

The Pavilion took the honours against Scarva St: Pavilion 39-30 Scarva St

Rink 1: K.Kennedy, F.Dolan, J.McCullough, K.Stewart 3-8 M.McCarrison, F.Hillen, M.Ewart, D.Watt

Rink 2: J.Makin, G.Anderson, M.Ward,C.Wilson 7-11 E.Gibson, H.Shepherd, D.Nelson, W.Kinnin

Rink 3: G.McAleenan, T.McDowell, D.Moles, J.Major 15-9 R.Gourley, A.Stevenson, M.Nelson, J.Dickson

Rink 4: D.Thomson,D.Preston,V.Newall,P.McClatchey 14-2 E.Smyth,M.Campbell,H.Shannon,N.Craig

A.S.Tullylish went to the top of the table with their win over the Leisure Bowlers - A.S.Tullylish 65-18 Leisure Bowlers

Rink 1: A.Burrell, V.Leckey, A.Cannaway, J.Wilson 16-2 P.Jones, B.Upton, M.Mooney, W.Walker

Rink 2: M.McAdam, R.Bolton, J.Gray, DJ Wilson 22-3 B.Elliott, Colin Whitten, L.McCreanor, C.Whitten

Rink 3: G.McCracken, L.McCracken, H.Hylands, R.Martin 8-7 J.Finney, A.McMullan, J.Barr, H.Barr

Rink 4: N.McAuley, D.Graham, D.Bowman, E.Campbell 19-6 F.Martin, N.Cochrane, J.Noddings, W.Cochrane