Weather tests Rathfriland club’s shooters

RATHFRILAND Clay Pigeon Club continued their summer season of shooting recently with the latest 20-bird DTL held on Thursday 14 June.

The weather continued to be a massive factor, however, with high winds and rain making for testing targets as the club recorded a total of nine lines.

The final was made up of just four shooters; junior David Henning, Ronald Sloan, Raymond Graham and Christopher Aiken. The four went at it but there was nothing stopping David Henning as he fired his way to first place, hitting a hard-fought 20/59 score in the process.

This was good shooting considering the conditions, with the unpredictable weather causing for equally erratic targets.

Final results were as follows: 1st, David Henning; 2nd, Ronald Sloan; 3rd, Raymond Graham.

Great shooting, but especially good for David and Ronald in particular who are part of a group of local shooters to head across the water for shooting action - more details of which will come next week.

Twenty-bird DTL action continues at Rathfriland next Thursday, 21 June, from 6pm onwards.