Tullylish crowned champions after win

AS Tullylish clinched the Division One title when they defeated St.Colman’s last week

DIVISION ONE - St.Patrick’s had a good away win against Holm Park

Holm Park 30-47 St. Patrick’s

Rink 1: G.McDowell, S.Smith, T.Smith, S.G.Malcolmson 6-15 R.Faulkner,K.Purnell,And.Johnston,A.Johnston

Rink 2: T.Ogle,L.Aiken,K.Aiken,C.Sherwin 7-10 J.McClatchey,L.Purnell,I.Cousins,G.Gilliland

Rink 3: A.McGarrity,C.Ogle,M.Dawson,G.Dawson 8-9 R.McCleary,J.Topping,D.Carson,T.Martin 9

Rink 4: A.Sudlow,I.Houston,T.Wilson,J.McKenny 9-13 L.Walker,W.McCullough,D.Gilliland,J.Gilliland

St.Joseph’s were to strong for N.S at home.

St.Joseph’s 41-37 Dromore NS

Rink 1: A.O’Loughlin,Rog Magennis,Ron.Magennis,C.Dillon 12-3 N.Lindsay,B.Ferris,T.Mulligan,D.McCandless

Rink 2: C.Savage,F.Watters,H.Dillon,L.Magennis 12-10 S.Gilliland,E.Gribben,E.Anderson,E.Marsden

Rink 3: J.Magennis,C.Rooney,P.Rooney,F.Murphy 3-16 E.Ervine,R.Elliott,T.Gribben,P.Reid

Rink 4: K.Magennis,J.Morris,P.Linden,B.Murphy 14-8 R.Harrision,M.Ward,M.Beattie,D.Pedan


Magherally only need one point next week to clinch promotion

Magherally 52-27 Scarva.St

Rink 1: M.Adair,E.Robb,K.Smith,L.Martin 12-9 S.Livingston,H.Shepherd,H.Shannon,N.Craig

Rink 2: G.Beggs,W.Steenson,K.McBride,S.McBride 19-2 M.McCarrision,M.Ewart,A.Stevenson,D.Watt

Rink 3: I.Montgomery,P.Martin,S.Scott,J.Martin 8-13 E.Gibson,F.Hillen,D.Nelson,W.Kinnin

Rink 4: N.Craig,I.McBride,H.Steenson,D.McAuley 8-8 E.Dickson,M.Nelson,B.Livingston,J.Dickson

Pavilion’s good form continues

Gilford RBL 33-39 Pavilion

Rink 1: E.McClean,Alix.Wisener,C.Broom,S.Dunn 14-4 J.Donnelly,E.Whyte,C.Wilson,J.Major

Rink 2: W.Jenkins,E.Murtagh,G.McCoo,A.Magennis 5-12 G.McAleenan,K.Kennedy,F.Dolan,K.Stewart

Rink 3: A.McBurney,S.O’hare,L.McBurney,T.Adamson 9-11 N.Lockhart,G.Anderson,V.Newall,P.McClatchey

Rink 4: M.Quail,J.Broom,B.Wisener,E.McCoo 5-12 D.Preston,J.McCullough,J.Hamilton,D.Moles

Leisure Bowlers had a close game against Down Shoes

Leisure Bowlers 38-31 Down Shoes

Rink 1: L.Heaney,A.Mooney,T.Blackwood,L.McCreanor 11-7 G.Burns,A.Murphy,J.Freil,S.Livery

Rink 2: J.Finney,N.Cochrane,J.Noddings,W.Cochrane 10-8 E.Neill,S.Devlin,P.Henderson,M.Bunting

Rink 3: T.Ledlie,J.Henderson,F.Cairns,N.Ledlie 12-9 S.McFadden,B.Tumilty,T.McGivern,M.Campbell

Rink 4: J.Neill,A.McMullan,J.Barr,H.Barr 5-7 F.Marshal K.Tumilty,B.McCoy,K.McCoy

Annaclone are difficult to beat in their own hall

Annaclone 45-32 Ballyvarley

Rink 1: M.McAvoy,A.McAvoy,T.McGivern,J.McConville 5-10 J.Stewart,P.J.Johnston,G.McGrath,K.O’Neill

Rink 2: J.McNeill,P.J.McClorey,P.Pyres,M.Wallace 9-7 M.Burns,J.Lennon,A.Donald,S.Byrne

Rink 3: H.McAvoy,S.Haughey,B.Mullholland,J.Higgins 17-11 S.Lennon,J.O’Neill,C.McDermott,S.McGivern

Rink 4: V.Mullholland,P.McKernan,D.McArdle,N.Kerr 14-4 D.Lennon,R.McGivern,G.McGarry,M.McGrath

The Zone Championships begin next week and if you are not playing then why not come along and spectate. The singles are being played in Banbridge Pavilion on Monday and Tuesday night and Poyntzpass R.B.L on Monday night. The triples are in Banbridge Pavilion on Wednesday night and in Poyntzpass the same night.

The Zone mixed pairs are in Banbridge Pavilion on Thursday night and in Poyntzpass the same night.

The following week the Zone pairs are in Banbridge Pavilion on Monday night and in Poyntzpass the same night. The fours are in Banbridge Pavilion on Tuesday night and Dromore Pavilion the same night.