This week’s sweep results from Banbridge Golf Club

THURSDAY 22ND OCTOBER - Colin McKinney is an avid supporter of the weekly sweeps at the golf club but a victory this year has eluded him up until now. His persistence paid off as he romped home in this 14 holes sweep with an excellent score of 35 points.

Friday, 9th November 2012, 8:00 am

1st, Colin McKinney (15) 35 points.

THURSDAY 25TH OCTOBER - Cecil Wilson has waited all year for this result. This is his first win in the sweeps in 2012. That is surprising for a player of his calibre. He did win the Teddy Reade Cup back in April so, all in all, it hasn’t been a bad year for Cecil.

1st, Cecil Wilson (16) 35; 2nd, Gerry Blevins (20) 35; 3rd, Seamus McGrath (17) 33.

SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER - David Thompson, playing off a 15 handicap, went round the 14 holes winter course in one under par gross. That gave him a marvellous score of 39 points, the top score in the Winter Pro Shop Saturday Sweeps to date.

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Damian Weir (5) 34; 2nd, Shane Bell (6) 32.

SECTION 10-18: 1st, David Thompson (15) 39; 2nd, John Parkes 912 35.

SECTION 19+: 1st, Philip Strong (20) 36; 2nd, Kenny Jones (19) 35.

SUNDAY 28TH OCTOBER - Alex Clarke became the 34th different winner in the Sunday Sweep this year. That equals the number of different winners last year. We have nine weeks left to break the record. Can anyone do it?

1st, Alex Clarke (14) Nett 34.

MONDAY 29TH OCTOBER - Colin McKinney goes all year without winning a sweep and then he wins two in quick succession. Isn’t that just brilliant.

1st, Colin McKinney (15) 33.

THURSDAY 1ST NOVEMBER - Two low handicappers dominated this 14 holes sweep. Shane Rooney went round in one under par and that proved good enough to beat Paul McAleavey.

1st, Shane Rooney (7) 34 points; 2nd, Paul McAleavey (5) 32.

SATURDAY 3RD NOVEMBER - Can you believe it? Brian Grimes scored 42 points for 14 holes, an average of 3 points per hole. Brian plays off a 16 handicap and he was four under par gross with two holes to play. Unfortunately he bogeyed the last two holes otherwise he would have beaten the all-time record for 14 holes.

His score was still the best 14 holes score this year, beating the 40 points, which Sam Wilkinson scored back in February.

The all-time record belongs to Garreth Moody who scored 43 points for 14 holes on the 10th of February 2011.

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Stuart Hunter (5) 34; 2nd, Kieran Magennis (5) 33.

SECTION 10-18: 1st, Brian Grimes (16) 42; 2nd, Brian Boyd (15) 36.

SECTION 19+: 1st, Victor McNeill (20) 38; 2nd, Bertie Shaw (19) 36.