This week’s sweep results from Banbridge Golf Club

SATURDAY DECEMBER 8 - This Pro Shop Sweep was played over 12 holes.

To score 30 points over 12 holes is brilliant. To score 33 points is simply amazing. Three players managed to do just that. We have all heard of Sherwin Curran and Philip Strong and know how capable they both are. But a new name has emerged, that of Richard Coburn. He looks like a player we will have to look out for next season.

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Jonathan Shannon (5) 29 points; 2nd, Shane Bell (6) 29.

SECTION 10-17: 1st- Sherwin Curran (15) 33; 2nd, Malcolm Hanna (12) 31.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Richard Coburn (21) 33; 2nd, Philip Strong (20) 33.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 9 - Philip Strong took first place in the Sunday Sweep and walked away with a nice little prize. But he was far from being the top money winner.

Paul McAleavey had the only two on the day and he scooped the entire twos pot. The amount of money he won cannot be revealed as he asked for no publicity.

1st, Philip Strong (20) Nett 32; 2nd, Alex Clarke (14) Nett 32.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 15 - Kenny Arlow had one of the best rounds of his life in this 12 holes Pro Shop Sweep.

Kenny started off in a blaze of glory with birdies at the first two holes. He finished the first nine holes with 27 points. Yes, 27 points. That’s three points per hole. Can you believe it? He picked up another 8 points over the remaining three holes to finish with an incredible 35 points.

Kenny has had an up and down season as he tried to remodel his swing. It looks like everything is beginning to slip into place as this performance was out of this world.

Well done Kenny!

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Shane Rooney (8) 31; 2nd, Tom Mulholland (9) 29.

SECTION 10-17: 1st, Kenny Arlow (14) 35; 2nd, Cathal McNiff (13) 33.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Richard Coburn (21) 32; 2nd, Albert Morrison (20) 31.