This week’s sweep results from Banbridge

SUNDAY 13TH JANUARY - Kenny Baines is a new addition to the long list of winners of the Sunday Sweep.

By the way, there were no 2’s recorded. So that means a significant rollover this week.

1st, Kenny Baines (17) Nett 32.5; 2nd, Philip Strong (20) Nett 35.

SATURDAY 19TH JANUARY - The weather recently has not been suitable for golf, not by a long way. There were very few courses open this particular Saturday, what with the heavy snow. Somehow or other, Banbridge managed to keep 12 holes open and several hardy golfers ventured out.

And the best of them was Willie Dickson with a superb score of 34 points. What a man!

1st, Willie Dickson (17) 34 points; 2nd, Gerry Blevins (20) 32 points; 3rd, Colin McKinney (15) 32 points.

SUNDAY 20TH JANUARY - Robert Clydesdale is a regular participant in the Sunday Sweep and he is a better than average player. It comes as a surprise to learn that the last time he won the Sunday Sweep was in June 2011. It just indicates the high standard that is required to win this particular sweep.

1st, Robert Clydesdale (17) Nett 31.5; 2nd, John McDowell (10) Nett 32.

SATURDAY 26TH JANUARY - Tommy Gillespie played the 12 holes of this sweep in one under par gross. That gave him 34 points and victory by two clear shots. Tommy, off 13, is a player to be reckoned with.

1st,Tommy Gillespie (13) 34 points; 2nd, Willie Dickson (17) 32 points; 3rd, Bertie Shaw (21) 32 points.