This week’s sweep results at Banbridge

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 3 - When Kenny Jones won the Golfer of the Year title a few years ago, his handicap came down to 13.

Despite his best efforts, it has slipped back up to 19. He is determined to come down again this season and his form in the first few weeks of the year has been outstanding. He won this nine holes sweep by five clear shots. That was impressive.

Kevin McKay and Cathal O’Neill went home smiling as they shared out the twos pot between themselves.

1st, Kenny Jones (19) Nett 29.5, 2nd, Kieran McGreevey (21) Nett 34.5; 3rd, Eamon McAnarney (14) Nett 35.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 9 - When Kenny Jones shot 37 points for the 13 holes of the Pro Shop Saturday Sweep, everyone was asking if this was a record.

The answer is no. Albert Morrison shot a similar score twice last year and Colin Wilton achieved it once. So Kenny now shares the record with Albert and Colin. What a trio!

Kenny played the 13 holes in three over par gross. When you consider the condition of the course, this was absolutely amazing. You’re a star, Kenny!

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Rory Madeley (3) 26 points; 2nd, Shane Rooney (8) 26.

SECTION 10-17: 1st, Cecil Wilson (16) 31; 2nd, Kenny Arlow (14) 31.

SECTION 18 +: 1st, Kenny Jones (19) 37; 2nd, Richard Coburn (21) 35.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 16 - Everyone was talking about the 37 points, which Kenny Jones scored for the 13 holes course on the Saturday before last.

Now the attention has switched to David Thompson who returned an incredible score of 38 points last Saturday. David went round in level par gross. For a 15 handicapper, that is just amazing. Yes, the course is much shorter than usual and there is teeing-up everywhere but you still have to get the ball into the hole.

Derek Hanna got off to the perfect start with an eagle two at the first hole. If he could have maintained this form, he could well have scored 40 points but it didn’t happen.

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Damian Weir (5) 33 points; 2nd, Hugo Downey (8) 31.

SECTION 10-17: 1st, David Thompson (15) 38; 2nd, Sherwin Curran (15) 35.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Kieran McGreevey (21) 35; 2nd, Paul Mark (18) 33.