This week’s sweep results

SUNDAY AUGUST 5 - No other competition in the club throws up so many different winners.

Glen Buchanan is the 27th different winner of the Sunday Sweep this year. There cannot be too many supporters of this sweep who haven’t won yet.

1st, Glen Buchanan (22) Nett 30; 2nd, John Doran (14) Nett 32.

MONDAY AUGUST 6 - It’s good to see the Monday Sweep up and running again after a lapse of a few weeks. And it’s good to see John J. Lennon showing a bit of good form.

1st, John J. Lennon (10) 32 points; 2nd, Philip Mallon (9) 31; 3rd, Albert Morrison (21) 30.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 8 - Turkington Windows and Conservatories generously sponsored this juvenile sweep. The top prizes went to Jonathan Brush and Cameron Allison.

WHITE BLOCKS: 1st, Jonathan Brush 43; 2nd, Michael Young 43.

YELLOW BLOCKS: 1st, Cameron Allison 45; 2nd, Matthew Elliott 42.

THURSDAY AUGUST 9 - There was a very close finish to this Open Stableford competition. New member, Paul Mark (20) beat Callum Barnes on countback. Callum’s big mistake was an ugly seven at the 16th hole.

Michael Young and Neil Diamond both had 42 points but were beaten on countback for third place by Scott Nelson.

1st, Paul Mark (20) 43; 2nd, Callum Barnes (12) 43; 3rd, Scott Nelson (11) 42. Best gross: William Malcolmson (5) 71.