This week’s bowls results

SCARVA Street 42-39 St.Joseph’s:

Rink 1: M.McCarrision, E.Dickson, N.Craig, J.Dickson 11-13 C.Savage, Rog.Magennis, C.Rooney, C.Dillon; Rink 2: R.Gourley, S.Livingston, K.Stevenson, B.Livingston 8-5 A.O’Loughlin, P.Rooney, H.Dillon, L.Magennis; Rink 3: F.Hillen, M.Ewart, A.Stevenson, D.Watt 11-10 J.Magennis, R.Sterritt, P.Linden, S.Murphy; Rink 4: E.Gibson, A.Campbell, D.Nelson, W.Kinnin 12-11 K.Magennis, F.Watters, Rog.Magennis, B.Murphy.

St.Colman’s 38-25 St.Patrick’s

Rink 1: E.Byrne, T.McCartan, C.Wilson, P.Convery 8-5 R.Faulkner, L.Purnell, J.Cousins, T.Martin; Rink 2: F.O’Dowd, B.Moore, A.Magee, G.Chambers 7-7 J.McClatchey, W.McCullough, D.Gilliland, G.Gilliland; Rink 3: C.Owens, J.Owens, B.Wilson, P.Moore 9-8 I.Dickson, R.Serplus, A.Johnston, D.Carson; Rink 4: M.Millar, L.McEvoy, M.Wilson, P.Tumilty 14-5 T.Crocker, P.Hayes, K.Purnell, A.R.Johnston.

Magherally 34-40 A.S.Tullylish

Rink 1: W.Steenson, A.Ingram, H.Steenson, D.McAuley 7-14 R.Bolton, T.Gray, D.Graham, E.Campbell; Rink 2: M.Adair, E.Robb, K.Smith, L.Martin 6-13 N.McAuley, H.Hylands, J.Gray, D.J.Wilson; Rink 3: I.Montgomery, P.Martin, S.Scott, J.Martin 12-4 A.Burrell, C.Leckey, A.Cannaway, J.Wilson; Rink 4: G.Beggs, N.Craig, K.McBride, S.McBride 9-9 J.Black, L.McCracken, S.Black, R.Martin.

Ballydougan 51-25 Annaclone:

Rink 1: R.Henderson, L.Milligan, M.Cassells, Rach.Cassells 13-4 V.Mullholland, H.McAvoy, M.McAvoy, J.McConville; Rink 2: M.Milligan, N.Johnston, Robt.Cassells, D.Malcolmson 12-6 J.McNeill, A.Pyres, P.Pyres, M.Wallace; Rink 3: G.Forsythe, R.Bingham, R.McCullough, T.Devlin 17-4 B.Mullholland, M.O’Neill, P.McKernan, J.Higgins; Rink 4: C.Halliday, M.Leckey, M.Milligan, C.Fearon 9-11 A.McAvoy, M.Haughy, T.McGivern, N.Kerr.

Pavilion 35.25-35 Ballyvarley:

Rink 1: D.Thomson, V.Newall, P.McClatchey 11.25-7 G.McAvoy, G.O’Neill, G.McGrath, K.O’Neill; Rink 2: D.Preston, F.Dolan, M.Ward, C.Wilson 4-12 L.Byrne, D.Lennon, J.McAvoy, S.Byrne; Rink 3: E.Whyte, J.Donnelly, J.McCullough, J.Hamilton 8-9 R.McGivern, V.Stewart, G.McGarry, S.McGivern; Rink 4: G.McAleenan, T.McDowell, D.Moles, J.Major 12-7 J.Lennon, P.Johnston, A.Donald, M.McGrath.

St.Patrick’s 30-36 Holm Park

Rink 1: R.Faulkner, L.Purnell, I.Cousins, T.Martin 10-10 A.Sudlow, T.Sudlow, K.Aiken, J.McKenny; Rink 2: I.Dickson, R.Serplus, K.Purnell, D.Carson 3-12 S.Smith, S.G.Malcolmson, T.Smith, C.Sherwin; Rink 3: L.Walker, P.Hayes, G.Gilliland, J.Gilliland 8-7 C.Ogle, L.Aiken, T.Wilson, G.Glingham; Rink 4: J.McClatchey, W.McCullough, D.Gilliland, A.R.Johnston 9-7 T.Ogle, M.Dawson, M.Gamble, G.Dawson.

The Zone Championships start on Monday March 11 in Gilford Community Hall. If you are not playing in them and you want to see some good bowls why not pop along some night and spectate.

On Monday night the triples are being played, with the pairs on Tuesday and on Wednesday night the singles. Thursday night sees the fours being decided with Finals Night on Thursday March 21.

The final of the Down Shoes and Ballydougan cups are being played on Thursday the 7th of March in Banbridge Pavilion

The Down Shoes cup will feature A.S.Tullylish and Holm Park and in the Ballydougan Cup St.John’s of Gilford will play either St.Joseph’s or the Pavilion. Each match will start at 7.30 p.m

The first of the National quailifiers will take place on Saturday March 9. West Down will be represented in the international singles by P.Convery St.Colman’s, P.Moore St.Colman’s and C.Dillon St.Joseph’s.

In the international fours A.R.Johnston will skip a rink from St.Patrick’s. In the ladies singles P.Martin Magherally will represent West Down and A.Polin and M.Hamill St.John’s will feature in the the ladies pairs.