Sweet result at Mossvale for ‘Smarties’

Results of the Pony Jumping event at Mossvale Equestrian Centre, held on Friday January 2 were as follows:

Tuesday, 13th January 2015, 8:36 am
Chloe Agnew winner of Mossvale trophy.

Cross Poles 1st= Inky Dinky, Zara Smith drew the trophy; Dusty, Chloe Agnew; Special; Pip, Sarah Craig.

40cm 1st Dusty, Chloe Agnew won the Mossvale Trophy; 2nd Bonny, Lewis Orr; 3rd Pip, Sarah Craig; Special; Inky Dinky, Zara Smith.

50cm 1st Dandy, Ruby Kinkaid won the Harry Moore Trophy; also double clear; Inky Dinky, Zara Smith.

Ruby kinkaid winner of Harry Moore trophy and Hannah Orr winner of pop n jay cup.

60cm 1st Hum Bug, Hannah Orr won the Pop N Jay Cup.

Fourth round of the Botanica Adult league:

Team results - 1st Three Tubes and a Smartie - Garva Rose, Melissa McBurney; PT, Beverly Smith; Darraghs Bounty; Ben Ross, Claire Martin.

2nd Mossvale Troublesome Foursome - Robble, Sonia Walker; Dan, Jasmine Kirk; Chocolate Chip, Helen Perry; Soda, Jasmine Kirk.

Sean Cooney from Botanica presents prizes to winning team - Three Tubes and a Smartie.

3rd The Mavericks - Lucy Lou, Joanne Martin; Hayze, Lynne Spence; Bridge Rock, Jon Joe McCrickard; Tiny, Eugene Milligan.

4th Nameless and Clueless - Thumper, Andree Fitchie; Hes The Lad, Julie Simpson; Calin King, Sharon Cowan; Dont Tell Rosie, Christopher McCarten.

5th Lethal Ladies - Guinness, Jenny Beggs; Boomerang, Rebecca Chambers; Star, Helen Perry; Calypso, Sancha Talbot.

6th The A Team - Savannah Matthew Sturrock; Woodie, Rebekah Houston; Olly, Darren Rodgers; Big Mama, Jonathan Kelly.

Individual Results:

1st Claire Martin - Ben Ross

2nd Melissa McBurney - Darraghs Bounty; 3rd Christopher McCarten - Dont Tell Rosie; 4th Jasmine Kirk - Dan; 5th Beverly Smith - PT; 6th Jon Joe McCrickard - Bridge Rock.