Sweep results

SUNDAY FEBRUARY. 17 - There has been six Sunday Sweeps so far this year and six different winners.

The latest is Ashton Clydesdale. I wonder who will be the first player to win it twice.

By the way, there were no 2’s, so that means a lucrative rollover.

1st, Ashton Clydesdale (26) Nett 30; 2nd, Colin Smylie (15) Nett 30.5; 3rd, Michael Robinson ((14) Nett 32.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23 - The course had dried out considerably but it was still bitterly cold.

But at least the players were coming in much cleaner and they were talking about the ball bouncing. Now that’s a first this year.

Rory Madeley, one of the most consistent low handicap golfers in the club, had a great battle in the low section with the previous week’s winner, Damian Weir. Rory won on countback.

Colin Smylie, a very experienced player, is sure to be a threat this season, now that his handicap has crept up to 15. He won the middle section, again on countback.

Speaking of handicaps, how did a big strong young man like Mark Hodgen get a handicap of 27? Was it on E-bay? He will not stay on that number very long once the season proper gets under way. Mark won the high section.

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Rory Madeley (3) 29; 2nd-,Damian Weir (4) 29.

SECTION 10-17: 1st, Colin Smylie (15) 32; 2nd, Brian Boyd (15) 33.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Mark Hodgen (27) 34; 2nd, Norman Doak (19) 33 points.