Sweep results

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 24 - It was a cold and frosty day but it did not deter a large number of golfers from playing in this 12 holes sweep.

John Convery and Neville Kerr had the best scores of the day, both shooting 31 points.

The two players with most to celebrate were Jim Matthews and P.J. Johnstone. They were the only two golfers to have a two on their card. They were richly rewarded.

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Philip Mallon (9) 30 points; 2nd, Malcolm Russell (8) 28.

SECTION 10-18: 1st, John Convery (17) 31; 2nd, Neville Kerr (10) 31.

SECTION 19+: 1st, Gerry Blevins (20) 29; 2nd, Merton McDowell (21) 26.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 25 - William McCandless handed over the reins of captaincy of Banbridge Golf Club to Declan Dooher at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday November 22.

He had a very enjoyable and successful year but he was relieved that it was all over.

William went out in the Sunday Sweep three days later in a very relaxed mood. And, lo and behold, he became the 36th different winner of this particular sweep this year.

Joe Brush and Paul Wylie were also in celebratory mood because they had the only two twos on the day. Their coffers were overflowing.

1st, Dr. William McCandless (15) Nett 31; 2nd, Stephen Orr (14) Nett 32; 3rd, Albert Porter (26) Nett 32.