Successful dressage competition held at Mossvale

After a very successful day of Dressage held at Balmoral Park, many competitors took full advantage of the excellent facilities available to prepare their mounts before entering the beautifully decorated arenas kindly sponsored by Joys’ Flowers.

There were some great prizes up for grabs as all classes were very kindly sponsored by Botanica International and Baileys Horse Feeds.

The next event to be held at Balmoral Park is Show jumping on Sunday 13th April with 2 arenas in operation all day. Pony arena will start with 40cm going up to 95cm with great prizes in kind for all classes while the horse arena starts with 60cm going up to 1.30m with £1000 prize fund.

Dressage Results

Class 1 Prelim 1

1st Jack, Janice Campbell; 2nd Tertre Rouge, Daniel Brown;3rd Ballybannon Boy, Eugene Milligan.

Class 2 Prelim 18

1st Bonnie, Andrew Robinson, 2nd Derryvane Danny, Helen Faulkner; 3rd Ballyalt, Michael Boyd.

Class 3 Novice 24

1st Ardenza Gem, Elaine Morrow; 2nd Ballyalt, Michael Boyd; 3rd Polo, Helen Faulkner.

Class 4 Novice 28

1st Ginty, Michael Boyd; 2nd Ardenza Gem, Elaine Morrow; 3rd Melinet, Oliver Edwards.

Class 5 Elementary 42 & Class 6 Elementary 49 combined

1st Alfie, Lynne Robinson; 2nd Ardenza Gem, Elaine Morrow.

Class 7 Medium 71 & Class 8 Advance Medium 90 combined

1st Duke, Jennifer Howes; 2nd Orval, Lynsey CraigResults of Horse and Pony jumping held on Monday 24th March

60cm 1st Monty, Yvonne Whiteside.

80cm 1st= Sparky, Yvonne Whiteside; Conn, Chelsea Orr; Bonny, Clare Giordon.

90cm 1st Willow, Paul Reain.

Results of Pony Jumping held on Friday 28th March

Cross Poles

1st Ro Ro, Zara McConnell won the trophy.

40cm 1st Toby, Robert Russell won the Fitzsimmons Cup; 2nd Merlin, Emma Burns; 3rd Nano, Olivia Lutton.

50cm 1st Merlin, Emma Burns won the J. Priestly Sen. Trophy; 2nd Toby, Lewis Orr, 3rd Toby, Robert Russell; also double clear; Teddy, Chloe McMullan; Barney, David Gibson.

60cm 1st Nano, Emma Lutton won the H. Silcock Cup; 2nd Humbug, Hannah Orr; also double clear; Teddy, Chloe McMullan; Twinkle, Annie Gibson.

70cm 1st Archie, Edmund Whiteside won the Gordon Family Shield; also double clear; Twinkle, Annie Gibson; Skyler, Rebecca Curran; Shadow, Erin Hayes.

80cm No result

Whats On

Friday 4th Pony jumping @ 7pm

Monday 7th Horse and Pony jumping @ 7pm

Friday 11th Pony jumping @ 7pm

Sunday 13th Horse and Pony jumping at Balmoral Park @ 9.30am

Monday 14th Horse and Pony jumping @ 7pm