St John’s close in on league title with another win, this time over Annaclone

In Division Two, St.John’s march to league title continued

Annaclone 30

St.John’s 53

Rink:1 D.McArdle, P.J.McClorey, P.Pyres,M.Wallace 15 v C.Gray,J.Cunningham, B.Conlon,N.Conlon 8

Rink:2 H.McAvoy, A.Pyres, C.McAvoy, N.Kerr 7 v D.Johnston, Paul Gray, M.McInearney, E.O’Neill 20

Rink:3 V.Mullholland,J.McNeill, M.Mcavoy,J.McConville 3 v Ann Magee, J.Nesbitt, B.Fitzpatrick,A.Magee 11

Rink:4 B.Mullholland, M.O’Neill, T.McGivern,J.Higgins 5 v N.Kinnin,O.Breen, Phil.Gray,A.Polin 14

Down Shoes were the big winners at Ballyvarley.

Ballyvarley 28

Down Shoes 31

Rink:1 L.Byrne,D.Lennon, A.Donald,C.McDermott 7 v D.Rea,C,Byrne, M.Campbell 10

Rink:2 J.Lennon,S.Lennon, J.McAvoy,S.McGivern 8 v R.Doherty,B.Tumilty, K.Tumilty,J.O’Hare 7

Rink:3 V.Stewart, J.stewart, P.J.Johnston, M.McGrath 11 v E.Neill, A.Murphy, S.Campbell, M.Campbell 3

Rink:4 M.Burns,G.McAvoy, G.O’Neill,G.McGrath 2 v S.McFadden,G.Burns, S.Lively,M.Bunting 11

Gilford won comfortably against the Leisure Bowlers

Gilford R.B.L 39

Leisure Bowlers 25

Rink:1 E.Murtagh,J.Murtagh, J.fleming,M.Hood 12 v E.McCaughey,P.Jones, H.Beardsford,W.Walker 4

Rink:2 A.Magennis,T.McGivern, P.Moore,A.Magennis 7 v J.Neill,A.McMullan, J.Barr,H.Barr 9

Rink:3 L.McBurney,A.McBurney, S.O’Hare,T.adamson 11 v F.Martin,R.Mayne, T.Ledlie,S.Kidd 6

Rink:4 J.Broome,E.McClean, C.Broome,S.Dunn 9 v T.McCaughey,J.McAleenan, J.Scott,L.McCreanor 6

Pavilion were comfortable winners

Pavilion 48

Geraldines 29

Rink:1 E.Whyte,D.Preston, J.McCullough,J.Hamilton 9 v U.Doran,d.O’Dowd, B.roberts,M.Miller 5

Rink:2 G.Anderson,, K.Kennedy,K.Stewart 7 v S.Grew,S.McCartan, H.Brady,K.Conlon 9

Rink:3 J.donnelly,D.Sedgwick, D.Moles,J.Major 16 v S.Sands,P.Moore, C.McManus,G.Feeney 4

Rink:4 T.McDowell,V.Newell, C.Wilson,P.McClatchey 16 v J.Doyle,S.O’Hare, R.Barry,H.Convery 11