Seven heaven for in-form Dromore Ladies as they cruise past Carrick

Dromore U15Bs in recent action against Portadown and Saintfield.
Dromore U15Bs in recent action against Portadown and Saintfield.
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Dromore Ladies Firsts took the journey up to Carrickfergus on Saturday to take on Greenisland Firsts and it proved a worthwhile journey as they cruised to a 7-2 win.

Greenisland got off to a great start with an early goal from their right wing getting her stick onto a hard ball into the circle, the ball hits the back board.

Dromore were now feeling the pressure, a few short corners from Dromore proved unsuccessful, Greenisland’s goalie proving great under pressure. Greenisland got a second chance with another ball being crashed into the circle but Dromore defender Amy Forsythe deflected away.

The second half Dromore were more determined to take their chances. Dromore got an early short corner, a fast ball pushed out by Dromores Chelsey Whan and a right slip to Sarah Russell which was beautifully struck meant dromore had now equalised. Still feeling the pressure, Dromore knew they had to take their chances.

Emma Wilson swept the ball towards the goal and with a deflection from Hannah Russell, the ball went through the keepers legs and into the goal. Greenisland had a few great balls up front but right back Jill Brown making some solid tackles, Greenisland didn’t have a chance.

Dromore’s Chelsey Whan carried the ball from defence beating the Greenisland midfield, with a strike she found Rachel Morrow who took on the keeper, slipping the ball past the keepers left foot.

Dromore were now 4-1 up. Greenisland had multiple frees in Dromore’s 25 where they got a penalty corner, Greenisland scored again to make it 4-2. Centre back Tara Malcolmson then made a great tackle and confidently pushing the ball to Beth Ravey. Ravey, with composure, took on the Greenisland defence striking the ball in the circle, with Emma Wilson deflecting into the goal. Morrow proving solid in centre midfield, finds the ball at the half way line, with her great skill she takes on the Greenisland midfield and defence, slips the ball to Hannah Russell who swept it into the back of the goal, giving Russell her second goal.

Dromore could now play their own game, with some great hockey skills making accurate passes from defence to the forwards. Dromore proving their fitness was in top form, with every player going for the ball and marking up well.

Dromore got another penalty corner, Greenisland goalie made another great save but Dromore’s Nicola Wilson found the deflection and placed the ball into the back of the goal with ease.

With the final whistle, Dromore proved to be the better team, with a rocky start but fortunately got it together and worked together as a team.