Seconds come away happy with a win

RANDALSTOWN were the opponents as Dromore Ladies Seconds travelled up to the Antrim Forum in their third league game of the season.

Due to a rocky start this season Dromore needed to up their game and secure a win to get those needed points on the table.

Dromore's first half did not run as smoothly as hoped as Randlestown came out in force, putting a lot of pressure on the defence. Jo Titterington, Allyson McMullan, Cathy Wilson and Claire Elliott did well to keep a clean sheet with help from keeper Emma Cleland.

Fortunetly for Dromore as the game progressed it went in their favour with Anna Matin putting the ball in the back of the net after a clever pass from Ana Clarke.

This success was followed further with Anna Martin scoring another goal as she was picked out at the penatly spot by Cathy Wilson who took a quick free from the just outside the circle.

Dromore were back on form, leaving Randlestown chasing them for the remainder of the second half. Good linking play by the midfield of Ana Clarke, Jenny Moore and Nicole Laverty ensured a third and final goal by Chloe Glover, who carried the ball up the right wing and continued into the circle, beating the keeper and placing the ball confidenlty in the back of the net.

Dromore achieved those three needed points after a successful win at Antrim Forum. Hopefully this success will continue throughout the rest of the season.