Season well underway for the lady golfers

THE season is now well underway for the ladies branch on Banbridge Golf Club.

All the teams have been in action with mixed results and the first Open Day of the year has taken place.

Tuesday’s competition last week was the LGU Peugeot Coronation Foursomes, the winners of which progress to the Regional Finals later on in the summer.

In recent weeks the Whan family have been regularly hitting the local golf headlines and Tuesday was no exception, this time it was the turn of young Megan Whan who in partnership with Mildred Hodgett were the local winners and now progress. We wish them good luck.

Runners up on Tuesday were Lady Vice Captain Denise McBrien and her partner Fionnuala Crossey.

PORTERS SHOP - Banbridge have been extremely generous supporters of Banbridge Ladies Golf Club over the past nine years and the Porters Open Day is eagerly awaited each year, this Open Day took place on Wednesday May 15.

The club played host to William and Audrey Porter and welcomed them to present their beautiful array of prizes.

The lucky recipients were (all Banbridge unless stated):

Winner - Valerie Malcolmson; Runner up - Mary Jo Thompson; Gross - Diana Whan; Section A winner - Mildred Hodgett; Section A runner up - Heather Patterson (Edenmore); Section B winner - Lorna McKinstry; Section B Runner up - Hilda Caughey; Section C Winner - Mary Parkes; Section C Runner up - Rita Down; Front nine - Bronagh Sands; Back Nine - Kathleen Sawyers

There were two surprise prizes presented: Megan Whan and Marie Mills were the winners of these

Handicap cuts after the Open: Mary Jo Thompson (30 – 28); Valerie Malcolmson (25-23)

The Ladies branch would like to thank Porters and William and Audrey for their continued support and for their fantastic array of beautiful prizes.

- TEAM NEWS: There have been very mixed results for the ladies teams this year. The Minor Cup, Intermediate Team and Miele Team have all been beaten.

The Cowdy Team have played the away leg of their first round match against Rossmore and are in the lead 14 points to 10 with the home leg being played on Friday May 17.

Many a tale has been heard about the first leg match and I believe that whilst it was a rather inclement day, for one of the players it was just plain wet.

Rumours have been circulating of one of the local players who went above and beyond the call of duty when attempting to locate her opponents ball in a water hazard.

In her endeavours to find the missing ball, unfortunately she failed to fully turn off her own electric trolley and yes - you know the rest of the story.

It some became apparent it was not just a ball the pair were looking for as the trolley also trundled into the hazard, followed by its owner, shoes intact.

The player shall remain anonymous but for more details on the finer details of this amazing phenomenon please contact Mildred...