Rutherford Cup team in great win

THE Banbridge Sam Rutherford Cup team recovered brilliantly from an indifferent home leg to beat Spa in round one.

PJ Johnston is the team captain and he couldn’t have been too pleased with his team’s performance at home. They finished overall only three holes up. That wasn’t a big advantage to take to a difficult course like Spa last Saturday.

PJ made four changes to his team and they all worked a treat.

Shane McCrory and Chris McAvoy were once again the star pairing, winning by 6 holes up. This was a sensational start.

Gareth Moody and Ronnie Halliday combined nicely to win by 4 holes up.

William Malcolmson and John McDowell were both in top form and they won by three holes up.

Mark McCoy and Malcolm Russell kept their game tight and finished all square.

Nobody could have predicted this result. Banbridge won the match overall by 16 holes up. It’s surely one of the best team performances of the season so far.