Results from Mossvale’s first community show

ON Monday June 4 Mossvale Riding Club held their first community show as part of the Dromara Festival Celebrations.

Monday, 16th July 2012, 9:00 am

A great day was had by all and the weather stayed great the whole day.

Results as follows: SHOWING Lead Rein U5s: 1st, Alex McMaster (Maxwelltown Miles); 2nd, Caitlyn Patterson (Magic); 3rd, Darcy Lappin (Tommy Tucker); 4th, Louis Magill (Sasha).

Leid Rein 5 years and over: 1st, Chloe Agnew (Honey); 2nd, Dawson Patterson (Magic); 3rd, Emma Denvir (Whiskey).

First Ridden: 1st, Heather Steele (Springer Tommy Gun); 2nd, Siomone Leatham (Jack); 3rd, Holly Carvell (Blaze).

Family Pony - Dr McBride Cup: 1st, Ross Magill (Sasha); 2nd, Dawson Patterson (Magic); 3rd, Emily Stewart (Billy); 4th, Alex McMaster (Melanie); 5th, Ella Kinkaide (Flash); 6th, Leah Currie, (Domino).

Pony style and appearance: 1st, Heather Steele (Springer Tommy Gun); 2nd, Leah Currie (Domino); 3rd, Lauren Davis (Debonnaires Jem).

Horse Style and Appearance: 1st, Anthea Steele (Ashford Cashla); 2nd, Lisa Hannaway (Zara); 3rd, Shauna Duggan (Serafina); 4th, Kerri Rafferty (Cor Rambler).

Coloured Pony - 1st, Rachel Rendle (Colour Code Chinnook); 2nd, Jake Leatham (Delboy); 3rd, Nadine McKenna (Princess Vicky); 4th, Leah Currie (Domino).

Coloured Horse: 1st, Jackie Rooney (Tiger and Friends); 2nd, Lisa Hannaway; 3rd, Niamh Power (Billy Boy); 4th, Michelle Duggan (Dekoda).

SHOWJUMPING - Cross-poles: 1st, Shannon Boville (Dandy); 2nd, Alex McMaster (Maxwelltown Miles); 3rd, Alfie Adair (Misty). Also double clear - Alex McMaster (Melanie); Annie McMullan (Mickey); Emma Denvir (Whiskey); Holly Carville (Blaze); Chloe Agnew (Honey); Abbey Cummiskey (Bam Bam); Simone Leatham (Jack).

50cm prize winners: 1st, Connor McKenna (Splash); 2nd, Ella Kinkaide (Flash); 3rd, Matthew Boville (Dandy). Also double clear - Sophie Lister-Tinsley (Nikita); Abbey Cummiskey (Bam Bam); Bailey Parker (Bobo); Jake Leatham (Delboy); Ryan Boville (Toffee).

60cm prize winners: 1st, Abbey Cummiskey (Bam Bam); 2nd, Noleen Tate (Prince Aldoo); 3rd, Dale Clarke (Black Diamomd). Also double clear - Gina McDonald (Daisy Sioux); Robyn McCluskey (Make a Move).

70cm prize winners: 1st, Zak Hanna (Star); 2nd, Maria Jones (Rosie); 3rd, Victoria Boville (Toffee). Also double clear - Charley Hanna (Hazy); Rachel Baird (Tiff Crumhill); Cara McDonald (Daisy Sioux); Dale Clarke (Beauty); Robyn McCluskey (Make a Move); Hanna Agne (Sadie); Hannah Agnew (Edentrillick Thumbelina).

80cm prize winners: 1st, Hannah Agnew (Jack); 2nd, Anneka Knox (Goldrush); 3rd, Gillian Pierce (Pyper). Also double clear - Rachel Baird (Troy).

90cm prize winners: 1st, Amber Walsh (Blonde on Board); 2nd, Anna Denvir (Majeeny Prince); 3rd, Evan McCracken (Harry).

1 metre - NO RESULT

This was the first year that Mossvale had held the community show and they hope there is plenty more to come. A great day’s fun was had by all.

The car park was filled to the brim with an extra field having to be opened for the cars to park. It was great to see the ‘Old Gymkhana’ style show back.

Mossvale Riding Club would like to thank Dromara Village Festival Committee for giving them the ‘reins’ to run the show which turned out a super success; to Banbridge District Council for part funding on the day; Raymond, Shirley and Nigel Jess; Joe Moore catering; Ambutran Medical; Horseworld NI; Hollys Horse Haven and Pony Paps photography; Malachy and Connor Casement for judging the show classes; and finally a big thank-you to Yvette Truesdale for her fabulous display on her horse ‘Has To Be Fun’ and the club’s own members - without you all they couldn’t have done it!

Up and coming events include Castlewellan Show on July 14 - Mossvale are running the un-resgistered showjumping classes, ponies 40, 50, 60, 70, junior novice SJOTY, 80, 90, Junior Open SJOTY, and horses 70, 80, senior novice SJOTY, 90, 1m, Senior Open SJOTY. All entries are on the field.

On Saturday July 21 Mossvale Riding Club’s summer show will take place at Tyrella. Check out for details. The final qualifier for the Showjumper of the Year will be held at Kilkeel Show on Saturday July 28. For further details contact Noeline Hanna on 07979400464.