Rathfriland Football Club holds AGM

THE 2012 AGM took place at the clubrooms on Tuesday June 19 with a large attendance of office bearers and committee members in attendance.

Also in attendance was former President and current Vice – President Mr RGB Bell.

Club Secretary Trevor Weir read the minutes of the previous meeting and then himself read a very comprehensive Secretary’s report for the 20011 / 2012 season. Chairman Junior Murray thanked Trevor for his detailed report and for his duties as role of Secretary throughout the season

John Annett then presented an extremely detailed and comprehensive Treasurer`s report – again Chairman Junior Murray thanked John for his tedious preparation and delivery of his report and for his work throughout the season as well.

The Chairman then made his own remarks thanking all the office bearers of the club for their duties all year and also to the hardworking committee for their “brilliant effort” in a “brilliant year” some of whom carried out their duties behind the scenes but were no less important.

He commented that 10 youth teams and four senior teams was no mean task to organise and manage but that it was carried out in an industrious manner.

Chairman Junior Murray then declared all offices open and asked Vice President MR RGB Bell to conduct the election of offices. Mr RGB Bell stated that he was pleased to be in attendance and thanked the office bearers and committee for their voluntary hard work who do it all for the prosperity and good of Rathfriland FC especially in the historical 50th anniversary year.

Mr RGB Bell then declared all offices vacant and took the chair for the election of offices which was as follows:-

President: Mr Brian Todd, proposed by Mr Gary Wilson, seconded by Mr Eric Annett

Chairman: Mr Howard Murray, proposed by Mr David McCabe, seconded by Mr David Gilmore

Vice – Chairman: Mr Mark Ingram, proposed by Mr Des Davenport, seconded by Mr John Annett

Secretary: Mr Trevor Weir, proposed by Mr Mervyn Grove, seconded by Mr Roy Annett

Treasurer: Mr John Annett, proposed by Mr Gary Wilson, seconded by Mr David McCabe

PRO: Mr Eric Annett, proposed by Mr Mark Ingram, seconded by Mr Mervyn Groves

Commercial Manager: Mr Des Davenport; Assistant Commercial Manager - both proposed by Mr David McCabe and seconded by Mr John Annett

Mr Gary Wilson; Youth Development Officer: Mr David Gilmore - proposed by Mr David McCabe, seconded by Mr Howard Murray

The committee were re-elected en-bloc with the exception of David Walker plus Stewart Rowland and Lyndsey Bronte as follows:- (Proposed by Mark Ingram, Seconded by David McCabe): Mark Bickerstaff, David Davenport, Donna Davenport, Paul Gibbons, David McCabe, Gary Wilson, Adrian Megaw, Rodney Patterson, Mervyn Groves, David Gilmore, Alex Scott, Roy Annett

The Vice - Presidents were re-elected en - bloc plus Mr John McClimonds and Mr Gordon Wilson as follows:- (Proposed by David McCabe, Seconded by Gary Wilson): Bobby Ingram, Mr RGB Bel, Jimmy Burns, Billy Cochrane, Kenny McKnight, Hubert McKee, Alfie McInness, Alan Shaw, Sarsfield Downey, George Wilton, David Murray, Tom Moorhead, W.J. Martin, Maxi Beale, Elizabeth Ingram.

A.O.B: Mr Howard Murray (Chairman) thanked Mr RGB Bell for conducting the election of offices.

This completed the business.

OTHER NOTES: CLUB TRAINING - Rathfriland FC club training officially commences on Saturday 30th June at Iveagh Park. All existing and new players welcome.