...Old rivals Belmont end winning run

After an amazing run of ten successive league wins, Dunbarton were dealt a blow to their title ambitions last Tuesday night at the hands of old rivals Belmont, who won 97-63 and took all seven points.

In truth, Dunbarton were well beaten by a team that played very well on the night. With three rinks behind from start to finish it looked as though the visitors would only gain one point as DJ Wilson’s four led for most of their contest and went into the last end three shots ahead. But to rub salt in their wounds, the Dunbarton quartet contrived to lose a count of four to lose by a shot and all seven points were conceded.

Rink 1 C Trainor, G Moore, G McElroy, C McCartan down 15-26

Conor and his teammates were involved in a battle royale with their rivals as some fine bowls were played by both rinks. The result did not reflect the closeness of the game, nor the high standard of bowls played by both rinks.

Rink 2 M Higgins, C Mulholland, M Trainor, M Greenfield down 13-23

This was a below par performance for Myles’ four, who never got going in this game and trailed from start to finish.

Rink 3 D Copeland, T Bell, S Adamson, A Hughes down 13-25

On paper, this is a very strong Gilford rink but they just never got to grips with the pacey Belmont green.

Rink 4 J Moffatt, J Magennis, P Convery, DJ Wilson down 22-23

DJ’s four were the only Dunbarton rink that looked likely to gain their point but the loss of a count of four on end five ultimately cost them.

Time will tell how damaging this turns out to be.