No slip from All Saints in Indoor Bowling League

League leaders All Saints continued their sterling form with yet another victory in the West Down Rosehip Bakery Indoor Bowling League.

Tuesday, 13th January 2015, 12:00 pm


St Colman’s edged out St Pat’s at home

St Colman’s 40

St Patrick’s 35

Rink 1 Chloe Wilson, H Convery, B Wilson, C McCartan 13 -V- R McCleary, L Purnell, P Hayes, G Gilliland 9

Rink 2 L Reaney, E Gorman, T McCartan, N Quinn 9 -V- A Daly, J Topping, I Cousins, T Martin 7

Rink 3 E Byrne, F O’Dowd, C Wilson, P Tumilty 10 -V- L Donaldson, A Gilliland, B Serplus, J Gilliland 10

Rink 4 C Owens, H Funes, L McEvoy, M Wilson 8 -V- J Donaldson, J Daly, I Dickson, D Carson 9

No problems for the league leaders

Scarva Street 25

All Saints 55

Rink 1 F Hillen, A Stevenson, K Stevenson, D Watt 2 -V- N McAuley, H Hylands, J Gray, DJ Wilson 18

Rink 2 S Livingston, M Campbell, H Shannon, B Livingston 6 -V- M McAdam, C Colman, A Cannaway, J Wilson 9

Rink 3 A Campbell, E Dickson, J McClatchey, J Pedan 11 –V- G McCracken, R Bolton, D Graham, E Campbell 12

Rink 4 E Gibson, N Craig, J Dickson, W Kinnin 6 -V- J Black, S Black, D Bowman, R Martin 16

Magherally lose out on the road

St Joseph’s 36

Magherally 27

Rink 1 M O’Neill, C Savage, R Magennis, L Magennis 10 -V- J McBride, A Ingram, P Martin, J McBride 4

Rink 2 K Magennis, P Rooney, P Linden, S Murphy 9 -V- M Adair, N Craig, E Robb, K Smith 5

Rink 3 J Magennis, J Morris, R Sterritt, C Dillon 6 -V- A Anderson, G Beggs, H Steenson, L Martin 14

Rink 4 B McVeigh, F Watters, H Dillon, B Murphy 11 -V- I Montgomery, E Steele, W Steenson, J Martin 4


Single point decider

Pavilion 34

Down Shoes 35

Rink 1 E Whyte, K Kennedy, J Hamilton, K Stewart 13 -V- K Tumilty, S McFadden, K Sands, C Boyle 5

Rink 2 D Preston, D Sedgwick, M Ward, J Major 6 -V- D Rea, J Bunting, S Duffy, M Bunting 8

Rink 3 D Thomson, J McCullough, V Newall, P McClatchey 9 -V- J McCarten, P Henderson, S Campbell, J McVeagh 5

Rink 4 D Ford, G Anderson, K Loughlin, C Wilson 6 -V- E Robson, G Burns, M Ward, S Lively 17



All Saints 65.5

St John’s 34

St Joseph’s 37.5

St Colman’s 36

Holm Park 30


St Patrick’s 29

Scarva Street11.5


Geraldines 50

Pavilion 29.5

Ballydougan 28

Ballyvarley 25

Leisure Bowlers21

Down Shoes 21

St Colman’s 14.5



West Down Zone fee and capitation monies are now well overdue.

A letter is on its way to clubs whose fees are still outstanding.