No shocks in week seven

WEEK seven of the indoor league didn’t produce any surprisies and here are the results.

R.B.L. Gilford are difficult to beat in their own hall - Gilford R.B.L 44-18 Leisure Bowlers

Rink 1: A.Wisener,P.Moore,G.McCoo,C.Broome 14-4 N.Cochrane,F.Martin,A.Mooney,J.Noddings

Rink 2: M.Quaill,A.McBurney,E.McCoo,T.Adamson 9-6 J.Neill,A.McMullan,J.Barr,H.Barr

Rink 3: N.Wisener,Aar.Wisener,B.Strain,S.Dunn 7-6 T.Ledlie,A.McCreanor,J.Henderson,W.Walker

Rink 4: T.McGivern,E.Murtagh,L.McBurney,A.Magennis 14-2 B.Upton,C.Whitten,Carol.Whitten,L.McCreanor

Down Shoes had a close game with Ballyvarley - Down Shoes 27-33 Ballyvarley

Rink 1: B.Tumilty,P.Henderson,K.Tumilty,D.Tumilty 6-9 M.Lennon,G.O’Neill,C.McDermott,K.O’Neill

Rink 2: J.Bunting,J.McVeigh,M.Ward,Mark.Campbell 2-15 L.Byrne,D.Lennon,J.McAvoy,S.Byrne

Rink 3: A.Murphy,D.Rea,B.McCoy,M.Campbell 7-6 R.McGivern,A.McDonald,P.J.Johnston,M.McGrath

Rink 4: S.McFadden,S.Devlin,A.Donnelly,K.McCoy 12-3 V.Stewart,M.Burns,G.McGarry,S.McGivern

St.Patrick’s took the bonus points against St.Colman’s - St.Patrick’s 45-32 St.Colman’s

Rink 1: L.Walker,W.McCullough,J.Gilliland,D.Carson 5-8 A.Magee,D.Funnell,Aidan.Magee,G.Chambers

Rink 2: R.Faulkner,L.Purnell,I.Cousins,T.Martin 10-9 T.McCartan,M.Millar,C.Wilson,P.Convery

Rink 3: J.Topping,J.McClatchey,K.Purnell,A.Johnston 9-12 C.Owens,J.Owens,B.Moore,P.Moore

Rink 4: R.Serplus,D.Gilliland,And.Johnston,G.Gilliland 21-3 Chloe.Wilson,E.Byrne,L.McAvoy,N.Quinn

St.Joseph’s were too strong for Scarva.St - St.Joseph’s 47-26 Scarva.St

Rink 1: K.Magennis,O.Magennis,Ron.Magennis,B.Murphy 11-10 A.Campbell,S.Livingston,H.Shannon,B.Livingston

Rink 2: F.Watters,P.Rooney,P.Linden,S.Murphy 17-3 M.McCarrison,J.Mallon,N.Craig,K.Stevenson

Rink 3: J.Magennis,A.O’Loughlin,C.Rooney,C.Dillon 7-7 E.Gibson,H.Shepherd,D.Nelson,W.Kinnin

Rink 4: J.Morris,R.Sterritt,Rog.Magennis,L.Magennis 12-6 M.Campbell,F.Hillen,A.Stevenson,D.Watt

Ballydougan chalked up another good win at the Pavilion: Pavilion 28-39 Ballydougan

Rink 1: D.Thomson,D.Preston,V.Newall,P.McClatchey 7-12 C.Halliday,J.Devlin,R.Cassells,D.Malcolmson

Rink 2: E.Whyte,F.Dolan,M.Ward,J.McCullough 8-9 M.Milligan,H.Massey,S.Whyte,N.Whyte

Rink 3: G.McAleenan,T.McDowell,D.Moles,J.Major 8-7 N.Johnston,H.Smyth,M.Cassells,Rach.Casells

Rink 4: J.Donnelly,J.Mackin,K.Stewart,C.Wilson 5-11 M.Leckey,L.Milligan,M.Milligan,C.Fearon

A.S.Tullylish had Annaclone as visitors - A.S.Tullylish 72-16 Annaclone

Rink 1: M.McAdam,H.Hylands,J.Gray,D.J.wilson 16-8 V.Mullholland,M.O’Neill,B.Mullholland,J.Higgins

Rink 2: A.Burrell,C.Leckey,A.Cannaway,J.wilson 24-5 A.McAvoy,D.McArdle,T.McGivern,N.Kerr

Rink 3: J.Black,G.McGracken,S.Black,E.Campbell 16-2 H.McAvoy,A.Pyres,M.McAvoy,J.McConville

Rink 4: R.Bolton,L.McCracken,D.Graham,D.Bowman 16-1 J.McNeill,M.Haughy,P.Pyres,M.Wallace

The following men have been selected to play for West Down against Mid Tyrone at Ardstraw on Saturday November 24: L.Graham,L.Murray(Dromore N.S) S,McBride,K.McBride.J.Martin (Magherally) P.Moore,G.Chambers,P.Convery (St.Colman’s), R.Scott,D.Scott (Garvaghy) C.Dillon (St.Joseph’s) R.Kidd (Scarva.Pres) D.Gilliland,A.Johnston,A.R.Johnston (St.Patrick’s), D.Graham,E.Campbell,T.Gray,D.Bowman,J.Wilson,S.Black,J.Gray,D.J.Wilson (A.S.Tullylish) C.Sherwin (Holm Park).

Subs- I.McBride A.Ingram (Magherally) S.Scott,D.Shanks (Garvaghy) L.Magennis (St.Joseph’s) D.Malcolmson (Ballydougan), G.Gilliland (St.Patrick’s).

Please inform the Zone Convenor as soon as possible if unable to play We need to know the numbers who are travelling by bus both players and supporters. Again inform the Zone Convenor if you intend travelling by bus.

The following ladies have been selected to play for West Down against North Down at Kircubbin on Saturday December 1: A.Anderson,E.Robb,P.Martin,H.Steenson (Magherally) J.Black,V.Leckey,A.Cannaway (A.S.Tullylish) N.Kinnin (Poyntzpass), C.Ogle,L.Aiken,M.Gamble S.Smith (Holm Park) E.Kennedy,A.Magee,J.Nesbitt,B.Conlon,A.Polin (St.John’s), A.Stevenson,E.Dickson,D.Nelson (Scarva.St) L.Purnell,P.Hayes (St.Patrick’s) O.McKnight (St.Michaels) S.Dunn (Gilford R.B.L).

Subs- M.Adair (Magherally) M.Dawson (Holm Park) I.Dickson,A.Gilliland (St.Patrick’s) T.McGivern (Annaclone)

Please inform the Zone Convenor as soon as possible if unable to play. We need to know the numbers who are travelling by bus both players and supporters. Again inform the Zone Convenor if you intend travelling by bus.

Congratulations to Jonny Wilson who has been selected to represent Ireland in the British Isles championships being played at Potters Leisure Resort Norfolk this weekend. This is a well deserved honour for Jonny who was last capped in 2006.