‘My lungs felt like sandpaper but I stuck it out’

Last Wednesday evening saw another time trial take place hosted by Banbridge CC.

This was a 10-mile route starting at the Dromore town boundary on the Lurgan road heading 5 miles west to Hayes pipes and back. The competitors set off at one-minute interval in a race against the clock.

The route has the reputation of being one of the club’s harder routes given its undulating nature and rather large hill near the half waypoint.

For those readers who perhaps wonder what it would be like to participate in such an event, here are the thoughts of one of the competitors who took part on Wednesday:

“After setting off, I soon got into a sustainable, if somewhat painful, rhythm. Approaching the half-way point, I saw some cyclists who set off before me and were on the return half.

“I couldn’t help but notice how fatigued they were which initially surprised me, as I was still feeling quite energetic. After turning around at the halfway point, I suddenly realised what all the pain was about for those who had just passed me. Yes, it’s nice going down those hills but it sure hurts having to go back up them at full pelt, or just trying to give it your best.

“By the time I reached the top, my visor was steamed up, my lungs felt like sand-paper and I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest but, being a glutton for punishment, I stuck it out to the finish. Maybe it’s the endorphin rush at the end that makes it all worthwhile?”

The finishing times are as follows:

Anne Baxter 32.59

Paul Anderson 31.44

Gerard Byrne 30.29

Freda Brown 28.41

Chris Burns 27.00

Adrian Finnegan 26.42

Ian Cochrane 27.32

Nathan Sturrock 28.07

Paul Hannigan 34.28

Paul McGuckin 28.02

David Lavery 27.28

Dan Purdy 26.21

Derek Evans 26.36

Andy Beattie 26.53

Kevin Wilson 25.08

Ewan Anderson 26.28

Kevin McAlinden 25.29

Cameron McIntyre 27.56

Joe Penny 27.42

First three riders on actual time

Kevin Wilson 25.08

Kevin McAlinden 25.29

Dan Purdy 26.21

First three riders on handicap

Andy Beattie -34s

Anne Baxter @5s

Chris Burns @27s