Mulholland’s A’s grip on title slips

MULHOLLAND’S A 3 - 5 Coach Inn: The race for the league title was blown out of the water on Tuesday night as The Coach Inn entered the lions den of Mulholland’s and came away with both points.

From the start the visitors were in great form as individuals runner up Mucker McMullen kept up the master class that brought him to that final to give The Coach an early lead.

He was quickly followed up by Raymie Lyons and Stevie Doherty.

The league leaders were now stunned as for the first time this season they found themselves under severe pressure on their home table. Wayne Beggs tried to revive the home sides fortunes by winning the fourth but that was short lived as Barry McGeown took out the impressive scalp of Simon Roy to restore the three frame advantage.

Mulholland’s were now trying to dig deep for a point to keep that three point gap at the top of the table.

Raymie Jess played his part in the great escape attempt by taking his side into the doubles with a slim chance of a share of the points but that was buried in the frost of the night as once again Mucker and Bert showed they are a force to be reckond with when it comes to the pairs and secured the much needed victory to keep their title hopes alive.

With only two matches left the destination of The McLean Bookmakers Premier title is still in Mulhollands hand’s - but that grip only has half a hand on the shield after this result.

Higgins’ 7-1 Banbridge Golf Club: Higgins’ are finishing strongly and are determined to finish as high as possible in the division to set themselves up for their much awaited semi - final clash with the Legion in the Brendan McAdam cup.

Both semi - finals are now being played on Monday March 18 at 8.30pm.

This game was never a match as the home side rattled off seven frames on the bounce , starting off with Michael Mc Clean and finishing with the doubles pairing of Colly Wilton and Noel Meara.

Team captain Gareth Moody quoted as saying it was inconsistency that cost Higgins’ a run at the title this year but the rest of the league should be on their guard for next season .

Banbridge Legion 3-5 Castle Bar: Another team that has not lived up to its paper promise is The Castle Bar.

This was a good away win for a team that has talented players that would stroll on to most teams in this division.

Anthony Thompson gave the home side the lead but that joy was very short lived as the visitors hit top gear and won four frames in a row from Collie McSherry, Cecil Corbett, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Gordy Magennis.

The rut was stopped by Andy Magill in the sixth and when the Legion took the opening pairs match.

A come back was on the cards but the final Castle duo held on firmly and took both points for the Gilford side.


1.Mulhollands A 16 25

2.Coach Inn 16 24

3.Bridge Bar A 15 20

4.Higgins’ 16 20

5.Market Bar 15 18

6.Castle Bar 16 17

7.Ban R.B.L 15 11

8.Ban Legion 16 9

9.Cullens 16 8

10.Ban Golf Club 16 4