Mossvale hold event at Castlewellan

MOSSVALE Riding Club held, for the second year running, their unafilliated showjumping at Castlewellan Show.

Two arenas were in action, entries flowed in and the club had a busy day.

This was the first year that they had ran their Showjumper of the Year qualifiers and it was very successful. Many thanks go to the Castlewellan Show committee for all their help in preparing the arenas. Thanks also to Raymond, Shirley and Nigel Jess for building the courses and helping on the day and to everyone from the club who lent a hand to make the day a success.

The club would all like to wish Violet Bell a very happy retirement - they are sure they will see her next year.

PONY RESULTS - 40CMS DOUBLE CLEARS: Tom Rowlatt-McCormick - Nat King Cole (won draw), Olivia Hughes - Magical Merlin, Shannon Boville - Dandy.

50CMS: Sarah Moore - Mink (won draw), Kerry Robinson - Tumble, Matthew Boville - Dandy.

60CMS: Ben Rowlatt-McCormick - Magical Merlin (won draw), Katy Bell - Harvey, Hannah Orr - Humbug, Andrew Robinson - Bonny, Andrew Robinson - Millie, Katy-Rose McKenna - Skip, Megan McKenna - Ziggy, Yasmin Erwin - Bella.

70CMS: Sophie Price - Tommy Zoom (won draw), Kara Mills - DJ, Patrick McEvoy - Dixie, Tierna Harpur - Grey Sapphire, Carolina Ehrhardt - Livewire, Laurie Gibson - Red Classic, Alex Cleland - Autumn, Rebecca McGeown - Biscuit, Charis Vinaccia - Charlie, Amy Philips - I’m Barney, Katy Bell - Harvey, Lauren Quinn - Flash.

80CMS: 1st, Chloe Rooney - Lottie; 2nd, Tierna Harpur - Grey Sapphire; 3rd, Leah McKee - Max; 4th, Charis Vinnacia - Charlie.

JUNIOR NOVICE SHOWJUMPER OF THE YEAR: 1st, Brittany McAfee - Jesse (Northcoast RC); 2nd Naomi Baird, Peppermint Clover (Kilkeel RC); 3rd, Rebekah Jayne Houston - Walford Rocky; 4th, Lauren Davis - Debbonaires Gem (Newcastle RC).

JUNIOR OPEN SHOWJUMPER OF THE YEAR: 1st, Melissa McKee - Prince of Hearts (Kilkeel RC); 2nd Brittany McAfee - Tessy (Northcoast RC); 3rd Laura King - Skewberry (Portmore RC); 4th, Leah McKee - Muskavana (Warrenpoint RC).

HORSE RESULTS; 70CMS: Rachel Baird - Zara’s Princess; 80CMS: Lynne Spence - Hayze; 90CMS: Jack Duncan - Mr Brady; 1M: Connor Casement - Rebel Yell.

SENIOR NOVICE SHOWJUMPER OF THE YEAR: 1st, Kathryn King - Simply Abigail (Portmore RC); 2nd, Rachel Baird - Zara’s Princess (Kilkeel RC); 3rd, Caroline Chambers - HT (Kilkeel RC)

SENIOR OPEN SHOWJUMPER OF THE YEAR: 1st, Kathryn King - Skewberry (Portmore); 2nd Jackie Walker - Wishful Willow (Gransha); 3rd Cara Norman - Two Tone Ventura (Lecale)