Mossvale Equestrian Pony-jumping Results

Results of Pony jumping held on Friday 10th January

Cross Poles

1st= Gino, Aaron Dugan drew the trophy; Dandy, Caitlyn Patterson; Rocket, Chloe Agnew; Ro Ro, Zara McConnell.

40cm 1st= Gino, Amy Dugan drew the trophy; Rusty, Chloe Agnew; Toby, Robert Russell; Merlin, Emma Burns; Gino, Aaron Dugan.

50cm 1st= Ceaser, Catherine Allen drew the trophy; Humbug, Lewis Orr, Toby, Robert Russell.

60cm 1st= Humbug, Hannah Orr won the trophy.

70cm 1st= Harvey, Katie Bell drew the trophy; Blue, Sian Berry.

80cm 1st= Blue, Sian Berry drew the trophy; Jasper, Hanna Agnew; Candy Floss, Sophie Price.

Results from the fourth round of the HORSEWARE Junior league

Team results

1st= Mourne High Flyers - Mr A C Drummer, Charley Hanna; Irish Flyer, Tierna Harper; Live Wire, Carolina Edthart; Hazie, Charley Hanna.

2nd= Mossvale Lunnies - Blue, Erin Barlow; Rocky, Rebekah Houston; Woody, Rebekah Houston.

Individual results

1st= Rebekah Houston

2nd= Charley Hanna

3rd= Rebekah Houston

4th= Carolina Edthart

5th= Tierna Harper

6th= Charley Hanna