Zoe Bond breaks British record plus more news from Ballyvally Archery Club

AT the Northern Ireland Target Championships last weekend, one of Ballyvally club’s up and coming juniors shot so well she broke the British record.

The championships were shot at New Forge on the Malone Road, Belfast because the Boucher Road venue had been ruined by the 30,000 fans who went to the rock concert a few weeks before!

Zoe, who has just turned 12, shoots barebow, and in the sunshine of the weekend was rarely out of the middle red and gold scoring zones. Altogether Ballyvally did very well with over 20 gold medal winners and many N.I. Archery champions!

53 NEW ARCHERS - Such had been the impact of the TV coverage of the Olympics and Paralympics that Ballyvally club were almost overwhelmed by 53 new “archers” who came along on the two club nights last week on Wednesday and Thursday to have a go at a new [but ancient] sport.

They represented all ages groups with the youngest being five and going right up through teenagers and families! One complete family of five came along and really enjoyed the experience. Ballyvally will continue to welcome new potential Olympic archers at the club’s Wednesday afternoon and night sessions as well as the sessions on Thursday afternoon and Thursday night.

More details can be obtained by ringing club coach Frank Mulligan on 028 406 23748 or on email frank_mulligan@hotmail.com.

HUNTING TRAIL AT CASTLEWELLAN FOREST PARK: - Ballyvally will be organising something completely different for next weekend at Castlewellan Forest park. The club’s annual hunting trail using American 3D animals always arouses lots of interest. Archers have not only to negotiate the wood and the slopes in the forest, they also have to search for the targets! Entries for the trails will be taken at the club’s Wednesday and Thursday sessions this week

THANK-YOU: Frank Mulligan would like to thank Martin Smith, Valerie Sleith, Jo-ann Bell and Shannon Russell-Cowan without whose help he would never have coped with the big influx of new archers last week!

JUNIORS: Please know which badge you are shooting for so that we can get the scoring started quickly:

SENIORS: Try to remember which face you are shooting! Like outdoors there will be a score to beat to move to the next size of face! Score 400 from 60 arrows:

NIAS/GNAS/FITA INSURANCE /AFFILIATION NOW DUE FOR 2012-2013: Interested in shooting in competitions (indoor or outdoor, at any peg?) Interested in coming on club weekends e.g Scotland, Wales etc in 2013? Please note senior club insurance will increase to £10 in Jan 2013 due to increased premiums.

FITA/NIAS Insurance £45 seniors / £10 juniors

NEXT OUTDOOR PRACTICE: Castlewellan Forest Park; Saturday September 15 at 11am. All club members welcome. If you need equipment brought, please write the details on the clipboard