‘Worthy winners’ All Saints and The Geraldines are crowned league champions

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Congratulations to All Saints and The Geraldines, who are the worthy winners of Division One and Division Two of the West Down Rosehip Café Indoor Bowling League.

Division One

St Colman’s travelled to Holm Park Dromore

Holm Park 37

St Colman’s 43

Rink 1 M Ward, L Aiken, N Shaw, SG Malcomson 12 V J Owens, H Convery, B Wilson, C MCartan 11

Rink 2 M Dawson, S Malcomson, A Malcomson, S McCartney 9 V H Funes, F O’Dowd, T McCartan, P Tumilty 7

Rink 3 A McGarrity, A Copeland, K Aiken, C Sherwin 7 V D Funnell, E Gorman, L McEvoy, M Wilson 15

Rink 4 T Sudlow, K Poots, G Dawson, J McKenny 9 V C Owens, E Byrne, C Wilson, G Crothers 10

St Joseph’s travelled to Scarva Street Banbridge

Scarva Street 24

St Joseph’s 41

Rink 1 P Ruffold, A Campbell, J McClatchey, J Peden 5 V M O’Neill, P Maginnis, H Dillon, L Maginnis 8

Rink 2 M Nelson, D Nelson, E Dickson, J Dickson 4 V K Maginnis, J Morris, P Rooney, C Dillon 10

Rink 3 E Hillen, N Craig, T Cowan, D Watt 8 V C Savage, R Sterritt, R Maginnis, B Murphy 13

Rink 4 S Livingstone, N Campbell, H Shannon, B Livingstone 7 V M Henry, F Watters, P Linden, S Murphy 10

All Saints Tullylish travelled to St Patrick’s Donaghcloney

St Patrick’s 33

All Saints 36

Rink 1 T Coker, L Purnell, I Dickson, D Gilliland 7 V M McAdam, C Coleman, T Gray, D Bowman 7

Rink 2 J Donaldson, B Serplus, D Carson, G Gilliland 4 V N McAuley, H Hylands, J Gray, DJ Wilson 8

Rink 3 A Daly, J Topping, I Cousins, T Martin 12 V G McCracken, R Bolton, D Graham, E Campbell 11

Rink 4 R Faulkner, A Gilliland, P Hayes, J Gilliland 10 V A Burrell, V Leckey, A Cannaway, J Wilson 10

Division One League Table

All Saints Tullylish 89.5

St John’s 58.5

St Colman’s 53

St Joseph’s 50.5

Holm Park 48

St Patrick’s 40

Magherally 40

Scarva Street 13.5

Division Two

Ballyvarley travelled the short distance to the Pavilion

Pavilion 39

Ballyvarley 37

Rink 1 D Preston, M Finnigan, J Hamilton 6 V M Burns, J Lennon, G McAvoy, K O’Neill 6

Rink 2 J Donnelly, D Ford, D Moles, C Wilson 9 V L Byrne, D Stewart, A Donald, S Byrne 18

Rink 3 D Thomson, G Anderson, V Newell, P McClatchey 11 V V Stewart, S Lennon, G O’Neill, M McGrath 7

Rink 4 K Kennedy, K Loughlin, M Ward, K Stewart 13 V R McGivern, V Smith, G McGrath, S McGivern 7

Down Shoes travelled to St Colman’s Annaclone

Annaclone 50

Down Shoes 28

Rink 1 J McNeill, M McNeill, B Mulholland, C McAvoy 21 V E Neill, J Bunting, S Campbell, M Bunting 1

Rink 2 P McKernan, PJ McClory, D McArdle, M Wallace 5 V R Doherty, A Murphy, M Campbell 10

Rink 3 V Mulholland, S McVeigh, G McAvoy, J McConville 15 V K Tumilty, R Bingham, A Thompson, M Ward 20

Rink 4 H McAvoy, M O’Neill, T McGivern, J Higgins 9 V D Rea, J McCartan, S McFadden, M Campbell 7

Division Two League Table

Geraldines 61.5

Ballyvarley 45.5

Pavilion 44

Annaclone 35.5

Ballydougan 35.5

Down Shoes 34.5

Leisure Bowlers 33.5