Wilkie wheels away with the win at latest Wheelers event

LAST Tuesday night was the last round of the circuit TTs, starting on the Rathfriland Road.

The riders headed towards Rathfriland via Annaclone, turning left at the Diamond towards Katesbridge and left again going past McCoy’s pub, back out unto the Banbridge road and to the start/finish line.

A total of 21 riders took part - as this is near the end of season numbers always are down.

The fastest rider with a superb 34.56 was that man again P. Wilkinson. Wilkie he stormed round a tough course with nobody getting anywhere near him. Those big piston legs of his were going at some speed as he has cleaned up in club racing again.

For the second week in a row second placed Bunty Adamson. He had a very good 37.17 and once again he has shown that he can be up there even if they say his old legs are gone.

In third was M.Alexander with a 38.10 just beating D. Cartmill by 17s but Mark would have been happy to beat him by a couple of seconds.

Fourth in the club was a rider who’s season is ending as he has shown some good form - S.Keery with a 40.35. Simon has shown that he could do some damage next year if he can continue with that sort of form.

The end of the season has shown some riders big improvement and should see another good bit of competition come next year which will spur more on riders to improve their times.

This week’s race is one they have all been waiting for - its a 10 mile TT on the Castlewellan Road for the Maxwell Shield. All riders are aware there will be no TT gear of any shape or form - just your road bike.

Also there will be a five mile TT on the Lurgan Road on Thursday night, August 30 for the Ronny Russell shield. This one will be run with TT bikes permitted and the first rider of seven sharp with only the hill climb championship to be sorted out next Monday at Tonaghmore Road.

Current champion John Kernaghan is also the record holder on this course at 56 seconds, and that’s 56 seconds of pure torture.

Would all riders please note due to the holidays the latest batch of club clothing should be here shortly.

Circuit TT times: P Wilkinson, 34.56, WDW; C Adamson, 37.17, WDW; J Clyde, 37.17, DCC; K McAlinden, 37.19, BCC; M Adair, 37.22, CRC; J Sands, 37.38, BCC; M Alexander, 38.10, WDW; D Cartmill, 38.27, WDW; N Seffen, 39.57, HCC; S Keery, 40.35, WDW; R Moore, 41.32, BCC ; M McVeigh, 41.33, BCC; A McCourt, 43.33, WDW; J Cromie, 43.54, WDW; P McKinstry, 44.08, WDW; S Cantley (U14), 45.54, WDW; D Lynas, DNF, WDW; R Stewart, DNF, TVR