Who will be crowned as the ‘Player of the Tournament’

There are now only nine players in the Winter League who have scored in the 30s in all five completed rounds.

These very consistent golfers are Mel Hamill (team 1), Sean McGreevey and Kenny Arlow (team 2), Joe Glass, Peter Hillen and Norman Doak (team 5), Malcolm Russell and Alex Clarke (team 6) and Brian Knox (team 8).

There are only 12 players to have amassed a total points score after five rounds in excess of 160 points.

These sharpshooters are Michael Robinson (team 1) 175, Joe Glass (team 5) 174, Brian Knox (team 8) 173, Paul Doherty (team 1) 170, Malcolm Russell (team 6) 167, Alex Clarke (team 6) 165, Norman Doak (team 5) 164, Peter Hillen (team 5) 162, Philip Mallon (team 7) 161, Joe Thompson (team 4) 161, Kenny Arlow (team 2) 161, Sam Wilkinson (team 4) 160.

I would expect that the “player of the tournament” will be someone who features in both of those list. That narrows it down to seven players. Good luck to them all.

THE LEAGUE TABLE (With 2 rounds to go)

Team 8 (Jim Minnis) 15 points.

Team 1 (Philip Strong) 12 points.

Team 2 (Sean McGreevey) 12 points.

Team 5. (Joe Glass) 9 points

Team 6 (Malcolm Russell) 4 points.

Team 7 (Eamon Galloway) 4 points.

Team 4 (John McDowell) 3 points.

Team 3 (Dougie Stevenson) 0 points.

In the two remaining matches, team 8 play teams 2 and 5. Neither of those matches will be easy so the winning team is far from decided.