Wet weather plays havoc with ladies

The horrible wet weather played havoc with the ladies trying to play their matches in the penultimate week in the Autumn league competition but many ladies did manage to fit a game in in-between showers.

Team 7 seem to be fairly certain of picking up top spot with the race on for 2nd and 3rd prize and unfortunately Team 6 look a sure bet for lifting the wooden spoons.

Results in detail

Team 1 Aston Martin 12 points Total 57

Team 2 Bentley 8 points Total 45

Team 3 Bugatti 4 points Total 43

Team 4 Ferrari 4 points Total 40

Team 5 Lamborghini 8 points Total 47

Team 6 Maserati 4 points Total 29

Team 7 Porsche 12 points Total 71

Team 8 Rolls Royce 4 points Total 42

Section Winners

A Helen Smyth beating Denise Mc Brien on countback 19 points

B Anne Blevins 20 points

C Ada Lavery 17 points