Upsets aplenty as only two seeded players remain in match-play draw

The third round of the Matchplay Championship has almost been completed with only two of the fancied seeded players remaining in the cup draw.

Those are Neil Clydesdale and Kevin McKay but they’ll have their work cut out to make it to the final with plenty of dangerous players still left in the draw, including defending champion Sherwin Curran.

Six of the quarter-finalists are already known.

Dean Nicolletti is through after beating Dermot Dawson three and two.

Seamus McGrath is also through, having beaten Gordon Enderson five and four.

Victor McNeill caused one of the upsets, knocking out one of the seeded players, Declan Dooher, by one hole up.

Barry Casey beat Adam McGregor two and one.

The highly rated Neil Clydesdale beat Robin Bond at the 21st hole.

Philip Strong is still there after a very close game against Joe Whiteside, which went to the 20th hole.

Sherwin Curran, the 2013 champion, has yet to play Garreth Moody.

And Kevin McKay patiently awaits his third round opponent to emerge.

It’s slowly but surely building up to an exciting climax.