Trio tied atop the table ahead of Winter League Finale

With one round of the Winter League to go, three teams are tied atop the leaderboard.

Led by Philip Strong, Sean McGreevey and Jim Minnis, they face a nerve-jangling final week. Should they still be tied after the last round, the winners will be the team with the most cumulative points. If it came down to that, Philip Strong’s team would almost certainly win. They are 37 points clear at the moment. If two teams tie, the result of the match between those two teams would decide the title.

The three are tied thanks to Jim’s Team Eight being beaten by Sean’s Team Two in Round Six. Sean’s team shot the beat score of round six, 238 points and were victorious by a stunning 32 points. Albert Morrison and Kieran Doherty netted 36 points while Sean himself and John Doran weighed in with 35. Jim Matthews had 34 and Robert Canning had 33. Add on a 29 pointer from either Michael Brown or Paul Faulkner and you have the best score of the league so far over the 14 holes course. Team Eight, however, only managed three scores in the 30s and put in a performance they’ll have to get over if they’re to claim the title.

Philip Strong’s Team One also drew level at the top of the table by beating John McDowell’s Team Four by 32 points (228-196).

Once again, Michael Robinson was their star player with 37 points. Malcolm Hanna also impressed with 34 points. William McCandless added a valuable 33 points while Gerry Blevins and captain Philip chipped in with 32 apiece.

Now they must try to maintain this form and beat Team Seven in their final match. Gordon Cruikshanks’ Team Seven, however, go into that fresh off their best score to date - 226. That was enough to beat Dougie Stevenson’s Team Three.

Darren Barker had a superb 37 points and Stephen Shaw joined him on 35 points.

Team Five also got a win in Round Six despite scoring just 207 points.

Team captain Joe Glass had 32 points. John Poots had 34 and Bobby Geddis had 30. Those were their only scores in the 30s and they should consider themselves very fortunate to win by nine points over Team Six, whose top-scorer was John Convery with 34.