Trevor Woods wins the Coburn Cup

THE very low handicap golfers sometimes complain that they have little or no chance of winning any of the major prizes because of the number of ‘bandits’ amongst the higher handicap players.

This argument was turned on its head last week when two very low handicap players won two of the 18 holes competitions.

On Saturday July 9 Trevor Woods, playing off five, won the Coburn Cup with a tremendous nett 61.

On Thursday July 14 Colin Wilton, playing off three, won the Tag Clothing Open Stableford with a brilliant 43 points.

It just means that if you are good enough, you will win.

Trevor had to finish strongly in order to hold of the challenge of Callum Barnes (18) and Callum McCandless (7) in the Coburn Cup. They too shot nett 61’s.

Young Callum Barnes was placed second and the not-so-old Callum McCandless took third prize.

Colin Dodds (13) and Winston Peden (15) both returned nett 62s.

Colin took the fourth and final nett prize while all Winston got was a two shot reduction to his handicap.

Mark Watt (17), Danny O’Boyle (13) and Paul Magennis (5) each finished with nett 63’s.

Paul Magennis won the much-coveted gross prize with his one under par, gross 68.

Alan McVey (7), Robin Bond (16), Ruairi Gillen (12) and Derek Hanna (13) all played lovely golf and they broke the CSS by two shots with nett 65’s.

Derek Hanna was delighted to learn that, on the day, he was the best senior player.

The standard of scoring in the Coburn Cup was simply amazing.

The top 12 have been mentioned already. A further eight players shot nett 65. Another 13 scored nett 66’s. And, finally, no less than 16 players equalled the CSS of nett 67. You cannot fail to be impressed by those scores.

And, top of the pile, we have the great Trevor Woods and we are all pleased for him. Trevor is the juvenile convener at the club and he spends a lot of his time worrying about other peoples’ games and not his own. He demonstrated in the Coburn Cup that he is still one of the best players in the club. Well done indeed!