This week’s West Down bowling news and results

CLUB secretaries should have the entry forms for the Zone championships. Remember the closing date is the 4th of February 2012.

Please have your entries with the Zone convenor by that date along with the entry fees. This year a mixed pairs competion has been added and the rules are the same as the over 55’s .

Division Two - The Pavilion came out on top in the local derby

Pavilion 38-34 Leisure Bowlers

Rink 1: D.Thomson,G.Anderson,V,Newall,P.McClatchey 10-4 L.Heaney,L.McCreanor,J.Scott,W.Walker

Rink 2: C.Gray,T.McDowell,J.McCullough,D.Moles 11-10 J.Neill,T.Ledlie,J.Barr,H.Barr

Rink 3: D.Preston,M.ward,J.Hamilton,J.Major 11-10 F.Martin,N.Cochrane,J.Noddings,W.Cochrane

Rink 4: K.Kennedy,F.Dolan,P.Gray,K.Stewart 6-10 I.Andrews,T.Blackwood,N.Ledlie,S.Kidd

Magherally stretched their lead at the top of the table

RBL Gilford 28-44 Magherally

Rink 1: J.Murtagh,B.Wisener,E.McCoo,B.Strain 3-12 I.Montgomery,P.Martin,S.Scott,J.Martin

Rink 2: A.Wisener,E.McClean,C.Broom,S.Dunn 11-12 G.Beggs,W.Steenson,I.McBride,S.McBride

Rink 3: A.McBurney,S.O’Hare,L.McBurney,T.Adamson 5-13 A.Anderson,N.Craig,M.Steenson,D.McAuley

Rink 4: M.Quail,E.Murtagh,G.McCoo,A.Magennis 9-7 M.Adair,E.Robb,K.Smith,L.Martin

Ballyvarley were comfortable winners against Scarva.St

Ballyvarley 45-23 Scarva.St

Rink 1: M.Byrne,J.Lennon,J.McAvoy,S.Byrne 11-4 M.McCarrision,B.Livingston,K.Stevenson,J.Dickson

Rink 2: S.Lennon,G.O’Neill,G.McGarry,K.O’Neill 13-3 S.Livingston,A.Stevenson,M.Martin,N.Craig

Rink 3: D.Lennon,P.J.Johnston,G.McGrath,M.McGrath 13-8 E.Gibson,E.Smyth,D.Nelson,W.Kinnin

Rink 4: J.Stewart,R.McGivern,C.McDermott,S.McGivern 8-8 F.Hillen,M.Ewart,H.Shannon,D.Watt

Division One - St.Colman’s good form continues

St.Patrick’s 30-42 St.Colman’s

Rink 1: R.McCleary,P.Hayes,T.Martin,G.Gilliland 8-8 A.Magee,T.McCartan,N.Quinn,A.Magee

Rink 2: R.Faulkner,I.Dickson,W.McCullough,K.Purnell 6-14 C.Owens,J.Owens,B.Wilson,P.Moore

Rink 3: J.McClatchey,I.Cousins,D.Gilliland,A.Johnston 11-10 F.O’Dowd,M.Millar,B.Moore,P.Tumilty

Rink 4: A.Gilliland,And.Johnston,D.Carson,J.Gilliland 5-10 E.Byrne,L.Mcavoy,M.Wilson,G.Chambers

Dunbarton had a close call at Dromore N.S

Dromore NS 36-38 Dunbarton

Rink 1: E.Ervine,M.Ward,T.Gribben,P.Reid 8-11 G.Magennis,S.McCall,G.Crothers

Rink 2: R.McCandless,M.Nelson,T.Mulligan,D.McCandless 9-9 M.McInerney,E.McElroy,R.Gough,L.McCartan

Rink 3: S.Gilliland,B.Francis,R.Elliott,L.Graham 6-12 D.Neill,M.Higgins,P.Moffitt,T.Bell

Rink 4: N.Lindsay,E.Gribben,E.Anderson,R.Greer 13-6 P.Moore,E.Adamson,P.Whittle,A.Hughes

Ballydougan got welcome points against Holm Park

Ballydougan 52-19 Holm Park

Rink 1: M.Milligan,G.Wilson,M.Milligan,S.McCartney 16-0 S.Harrison,T.Ogle,A.Copeland,K.Aiken

Rink 2: E.Wilson,S.Whyte,N.Whyte,J.Richardson 20-7 C.Ogle,L.Aiken,S.Malcolmson,C.Sherwin

Rink 3: S.Turkington,M.Leckey,Rach Cassells,Rob.Cassells 11-4 G.McDowell,S.Smith,T.Smith,S.G.Malcolmson

Rink 4: C.Halliday,H.Massey,M.Cassells,D.Malcolmson 5-8 A.Sudlow,I.Houston,T.Wilson,J.McKenny

A.S.Tullylish took the bonus against St.Joseph’s

St.Joseph’s 30-36 AS Tullylish

Rink 1: J.Magennis,Rog.Magennis,P.Linden,B.Murphy 10-5 A.Burrell,A.Cannaway,J.Wilson,D.Bowman

Rink 2: K.Magennis,J.Morris,Ron.Magennis,C.Dillon 5-16 R.Bolton,H.Hylands,J.Gray,D.J.Wilson

Rink 3: B.McVeigh,C.Savage,C.Rooney,F.Murphy 9-6 G.McCracken,D.Graham,R.Martin,E.Campbell

Rink 4: A.O’Loughlin,F.Watters,H.Dillon,L.Magennis 6-9 L.McCracken,S.Black,T.Gray,A.Leckey

Dromore Cathederal concluded their annual singles tournament on Saturday night with ten section winners vying for the title.

A superb entry of 206 ensured a full house on each of the five nights,with the eventual winner being Jason Hand of Corduff Bowling Club who defeated Paul Canning of Conlig 12-4 in the final.

At the semi-final stage Hand beat Noel Graham,Loughaghery 7-3 whilst Canning beat Sean Conroy St.Anthony’s 8-6. Beaten quarter-finalsts were Mark Sproule,Niall Hand,Pauline Beattie and Seamus McMath.

Other section winners were Sammy Hall and Colin Moore. Prizes were handed over by Margaret Dawson and club chairman George Dawson thanked all who had helped to make the tournament such a resounding success.