This week’s sweep results from around the course

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John Poots is enjoying a purple patch at the moment. Fresh from his outstanding win at the European Club, John goes out and wins the Sunday Sweep at Banbridge. Enjoy your run of success, John, because it won’t last forever.

The twos pot was shared between Conor Campbell and Will Dickson.

1st, John Poots (17) Nett 31.5.

2nd, William Horner (23) Nett 31.5.

3rd,Robert Haire (19) Nett 31.5.


There have only been ten Monday Sweeps this year and Albert Morrison is the only player to have won the competition twice.

He’s a tidy player, is our Albert.

It was a rewarding day for Albert as he split the twos pot with his good friend, Colin McKinney.

1st, Albert Morrison (20) 35 points.

2nd, Joe Whiteside (16) 34 points.

3rd, Dougie Stevenson (16) 28 points.