This week’s sweep results

SUNDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER - Dominic McArdle joins Hugo Downey and Robert Haire as the only three players to win the Sunday Sweep three times this year.

1st, Dominic McArdle (21) Nett 32.5; 2nd, Michael Brown (24) Nett 35.

MONDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER - Albert Morrison hardly ever misses a Monday or Thursday sweep and he is pretty successful. This was his fourth victory this season.

1st, Albert Morrison (20) 28 points.

THURSDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER - You have to go back to late April for Philip Mallon’s last win in the sweeps. But he is now back to his best form as he topped the leaderboard in the Thursday Open.

1st, Philip Mallon (10) 37 points; 2nd, Paul McDonald (14) 36 points; 3rd, Robert Canning (18) 36 points.

SUNDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER - Cathal McAnarney has taken a liking to the Sunday Sweep. This was his second victory in the space of three weeks.

1st, Cathal McAnarney (20) Nett 31; 2nd, Garreth Moody (7) Nett 34.5.

THURSDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER - Just to confirm how well he is playing, Phil Mallon went out and won the Thursday Open for the second week in succession.

1st, Philip Mallon (10) 41 points; 2nd, Mark McCullough (17) 35 points.