This week’s sweep results

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2 - This was a nice little earner for Cathal McAnarney. Not only did he take first place but he also split the twos pot with Alex Clarke.

Incidentally, Cathal is the 30th different winner of the Sunday Sweep this year. Can you believe it?

1s,- Cathal McAnarney (21) Nett 31.5; 2nd, Dominic McArdle (22) Nett 32.

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3 - Jeffrey Brown is a fine golfer and a keen supporter of the competitions. It’s a surprise that it took this long to win a competition this year. Better late than never, they say.

1st, Jeffrey Brown (13) 30 points; 2nd, Colin McKinney (15 28 points.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 6 - Mark McCullough’s pedigree, as far as golf is concerned, could hardly be better. His grandfather Joey was an outstanding player of his era.

He played off six and maybe lower for most of his career and he was one of the fastest players ever.

Mark’s father Paul was also a major player until he discovered that he had a talent for running.

1st, Mark McCullough (16) 42 points; 2nd, Jonathan Ward (4) 41; 3rd, Dr. Jim Mallon (12) 39; 4th, Nigel Bryson (8) 38.