The third round of John’s President’s Prize nears completion

The third round of the President’s Prize fourball competition has almost been completed.

The results are as follows:

Mel Hylands and John Crothers beat Dennis Watt and Colin McKinney 4 and 3.

Kevin McKay and Brian Grimes beat Kieran McGreevey and Eamon McAnarney 3 and 2.

Tom Fee and Sydney Pepper beat Dermot Dawson and Philip McCourt 4 and 3.

Dennis Lockhart and James Bryson beat Jonathan Burns and Ross McCandless 3 and 1.

Trevor Mulholland and Gareth McGregor beat Mark Hodgen and Johnny McKinstrey 4 and 2.

Jeffrey Brown and Seamus McNally beat Paul and Mark McCullough 4 and 3.

Barry Casey and Andrew Quinn beat Robert Clydesdale and John Doran 5 and 4.

Neville and Jonathan Kerr beat John Gallagher and Gavin Greer 2 and 1.

Joe Glass and Joe Thompson beat Joe E. Hamilton and Alan McGowan 2 and 1.

Ken Stevenson and Jim Mallon beat Hugo Downey and Luke Crory 2 and 1.

Garreth Moody and Aaron Buchanan beat Dane ward and Bruce McCandless 2up.

Morris Phillips and Nigel Bryson beat Brendan Magee and Michael McAnearney 7 and 5.

The final will be the highlight of John Parkes President’s Day on Saturday September 7. We all look forward to that.

Last year the President’s Prize was won by Kevin McKay and Brian Grimes, who beat Neil Clydesdale and Kevin Smyth one up in the semi-final and Ken Stevenson and Paul Wylie in the decider.