The last 16 in the President’s Prize are revealed

AT this stage of the season there should be 16 pairs remaining in the President’s Prize.

We know 14 of them and the other two should be decided very shortly.

As you read down the list of winners, it would be difficult to predict who will reach the final. They are all very strong and, from here on in, the games should be very tight.

Here are the third round results

Jim Matthews and Ronnie Halliday beat Conor Mulholland and Mark McCoy 1 up.

Brian Mulholland and Alan Dale beat Barrie McCoy and Eamon McAnarney 3 and 2.

Ken Stevenson and Paul Wylie w/o against William McCandless and Dennis Livingstone.

Stephen Orr and Darren Barker beat Declan Barry and Seamus Rooney.

Jonathan Burns and Ross McCandles beat Colin Dowds and Lee Tumilty.

Malcolm Russell and Victor McNeill beat Harry and Jonathan Shannon.

Callum and Bertie Barnes beat Paul Magee and Damian Weir 6 and 5.

Paul Downey and Callum McCandless beat John Crothers and Mel Hylands 3 and 2.

Kevin Smyth and Neill Clydesdale beat Hugo Downey and Sam Hoey 3 and 2.

Verdun Bond and Seamus McGrath beat Sydney Pepper and Tom Fee 3 and 1.

Jeffrey Brown and Seamus McNally beat Paul and Mark McCullough 5 and 3.

Shane Rooney and Tommy Gillespie beat Dennis Watt and Colin McKinney 1 up.

Kevin McKay and Brian Grimes beat Gavin Greer and John Gallagher 4 and 3.

Kenny Whan and Neil Madeley beat Eugene Weir and Conor Campbell 3 and 1.

Two games are as yet undecided: Matthew Mallon and Luke Woods against Garreth Moody and Colin Wilton and Neil Comiskey and Lee Diamond against Joshua and Mark McCrory.

The final will be the highlight of President’s Day on Saturday September 8.