The Haughton Shield semi-finalists are decided

Three of the quarterfinals of the Haughton Smyth Cup are ready to be played.

Bill McCandless will play Rory Madeley. What a match that should be!

Kieran Magennis will play Conor Mulholland. Kieran’s vast experience should give him the edge.

Luke Woods, having beaten Ryan Simpson one up, will play the winner of the match between Paul Mcaleavey and Garth McDonald.

Callum McCandless will play Adam McGregor. Callum’s dream would be to meet his father in the final but getting past Adam will not be easy.


The Matchplay Championship has reached the last 15. It will be 16 when Jim Matthews plays Kerry McCluskey.

The latest results are as follows:

Cathal O’Neill beat Morris Phillips 3 and 2. Sherwin Curran beat Merton McDowell 4 and 3.

Robert Clydesdale beat Glen Buchanan 1 up. Kieran Lennon beat P.J. Johnston 3 and 1. Kevin McKay beat Dean Nicoletti 3 and 1.

Mark McCoy beat Seamus McGrath 3 and 2. Josh Lockhart beat Paul Faulkner at the 19th.

Roy Sipson beat John Gallagher 2 and 1. Michael Young beat Mark Hodgen 5 and 3.

Cameron Morton beat Mark McCullough 4 and 3. William Malcolmson beat Gordon Enderson 5 and 4.

Ian Young beat Gary McCartney. Adam McGregor beat Michael McAnearney.

John McDowell beat Tom Fee 2 and 1. Paul Downey received a walkover.

Who will emerge as champion is anybody’s guess. Kieran Lennon looks ominous in the top half as does Michael Young in the lower half.